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Leading sectors of the American economy include financial, healthcare, trade, science, and education. Recently, substantial investments have been made and industry leaders are becoming pioneers, pioneering success that changes the global market. High competition in the market forces companies to find new ways to beat competitors to maintain or gain leading positions.

At Computools we have extensive knowledge and experience in working with and understanding the American market, and what digital industries need to be successful. This strategic partnership can accelerate your business growth and strengthen your position as a leading company in your niche.


Green Energy Case study

Discover how Computools developed a user-friendly portal for energy-saving programme applications, making it easier for users to access financing for energy-efficient equipment.

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Our client, a global sustainable energy supplier, has benefited from the data driven maintenance approach has improved turbine performance by minimizing downtime. The solution allowed the client to reduce operational costs and saved time with fewer personnel involved. Safety has been enhanced by taking high-altitude tasks to a minimum. We established endpoints for JSON-formatted Comprehensive Inspection Reports (CIRs) and PDF-formatted Basic Inspection Reports (BIRs), integrating them into a unified database for a holistic view of turbine health.

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Winder Case study

Discover how Computools helped the client elevate safety standards and operational efficiency in large physical entities.

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CrypDrift Case study

Learn how CrypDrift achieved seamless stock, instrument and cryptocurrency exchange, incorporating automated trade bots and expanding from B2B to B2C clients.

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TransMeds Case study

Learn how Computools built a healthcare application for transplant patients.

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Invest Latam Case study

Discover how we developed a platform that enables companies to receive online loans from investors, while investors can invest funds and receive returns.

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Keller Covered Case study

Learn how Computools' digital services empowered a swift insurance tool for homeowners. The user-centric web service featured an in-depth survey and ergonomic layout.

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CREELiT Case study

Our team helped a provider of corporate marketing automation solutions to develop a smart printer that enables automatic printing without human intervention. The leaflet packer adds to the functionality of the smart printer by automating the packaging process. Workflows are supported via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies achieving seamless integration.

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Moblet Case study

See how we developed a mobile app with the transformative power of advanced design, mathematical calculations, secure banking transactions and frictionless user experiences.

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NextDoor Case study

Discover how Computools helped NEXTDOOR build a successful social commerce platform that connects people and businesses in the same area.

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SmartCity Case study

Discover how Computools developed a geolocated social network for tourists and businesses that allows users to find interesting places and events nearby, connect with other tourists and get useful information about their surroundings.

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Yrgent Case study

Find out how we helped Yrgent build a robust app for online consultations with doctors.

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Leading sectors of the Canadian economy include automotive, aircraft and other manufactures, forest products, minerals, and petroleum. However, over the past decade, substantial investments have been made in the development of healthcare, retail and consumer services. The interest in these industries has led to a demand for innovations and solutions for the rapid growth and development of companies.

At Computools we have extensive knowledge and experience in working with and understanding the Canadian market, and what digital industries need to be successful. This strategic partnership can accelerate your business growth and strengthen your position as a leading company in your niche.

CASE STUDIES in Canada: Case study

Find out how Computools helped increase direct digital advertising revenue.

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Bombardier Case study

See the story of enhancing flight efficiency and safety through advanced technological solutions. We assisted Bombardier, among other aviation leaders, to keep aircraft maintenance documentation systems up to date and reduce maintenance time.

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Native Ads Case study

Find out how our team developed a fully fledged marketing platform for advertising.

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Computools is a part of the Canadian association:


Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce

CUCC Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce is a Canadian business association aimed at facilitating Ukrainian economic development and decreasing poverty. Since 1992 CUCC has been putting a lot of effort into education, researches, consultations, and strategies that Ukrainian companies and individuals need to run business in Canada. Its members have an outstanding opportunity to find business partners as well as get insightful information about product export, regulatory standards, and other trade-related matters.



Switzerland is a highly technological country that is at the forefront of research in artificial intelligence. Being a home for bitcoin, blockchain, robotics, and AI, Switzerland IT is closely connected with such sectors as insurance, finance, healthcare, logistics, and tech startups. Technological advancements and the complexity of software solutions bring the need for additional resources, high expertise, and an understanding of each industry.

Computools’s team is always up to date with the latest technologies and has been successfully delivering cutting-edge solutions for different clients around the world.

Tech companies in Switzerland can use Computool’s experience to optimize the development process, free up internal resources, and tackle a variety of challenges.

CASE STUDY in Switzerland:

Railway System Case study

We helped Western-European rail operator develop a system for intelligent real-time positioning of cargo fleets, providing information on important safety parameters such as volume, pressure and temperature. The system generates instant alert if measured parameters deviate from the set norms, reducing manual checking of the fleet status. The system utilises the MQTT protocol, ensuring reliable data transmission and state-of-the-art security in information exchange.

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One of the most stable economies, innovations in daily consumer life, and support of IT by the government are just a few reasons for the IT market growth.

The IT market is characterized by the adoption of such technologies as Big Data, AI, and Industry 4.0 initiatives by German SMEs.

By end user, IT solutions in Germany are highly adopted by banking, financial services and insurance sectors, manufacturing, and government.

Computools‘s engineers have been developing reliable software solutions for different industries. With years of experience in the market, we know what it takes to deliver world-class applications of any kind for both SMEs and big enterprises.

CASE STUDIES in Germany:

AUTO UNION Case study

Discover how we transformed an autonomous driving system, enhanced technology, scaled IT operations and optimised the user interface for improved performance.

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EasyHR Case study

Discover how we streamlined shift planning through a customised CRM solution, enhancing overall workforce management.

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The IT industry of Norway is similar to the US and EU; global tech clusters focus on diverse products for such sectors as education, healthcare, finance, and environmental technology.

That takes Norway at the forefront of research and development in the EU region. However, Norway shows a talent shortage in the IT sector and is in dire for competent software engineers.

Computools has helped many companies around the world to resolve the shortage in core IT technologies. We are offering outsourcing and outstaffing services with first-class solutions and engineers.


Medicare Assistance Case study

Discover how Computools streamlined patient information input, appointment scheduling, and various other aspects crucial to efficient healthcare administration for a healthcare provider.

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Teacher’s Dashboard Case study

Discover how a small business in the education industry used digital transformation to improve its services.

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BeEducated Case study

Discover how we built a multi-level marketplace that enables training through videos, testing and earning diplomas.

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Denmark is one of the most digitalized countries that prioritize state-of-the-art products and offers IT solutions for different sectors.

Speaking of opportunities for digitalization in Denmark, some studies show that the public, financial, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors are one of the largest consumers of IT services.

Today, Denmark focuses on developing products for e-government services, digitalization of hospitals, outsourcing, and cybersecurity solutions. Sometimes that requires outsourcing and outstaffing services to speed up the development process, cut costs, or simply find expertise in the particular technology or industry.

Computools’s expertise lies in developing world-class software solutions. With a strict focus on each industry, Computools can assist you with consulting and development services of any kind.

CASE STUDY in Denmark:

WorldTicket Case study

Discover how Computools used business intelligence (BI) services to improve WorldTicket’s website and drive business results.

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The IT market of Sweden is focused on the development of software, hardware, and digital IT services for the entertainment, financial, retail, and manufacturing sectors. Sweden is the birthplace of many well-known global tech brands in various sectors that play a leading role in the world.

This creates an ever-growing need for tech expertise. Lack of skills, a need to manage large amounts of data, and security issues are one of the biggest challenges in the Swedish tech sector.

For the past 9 years, Computools has been helping major companies to build state-of-the-art products from scratch or within existing applications. Our experience of working with world tech hubs can accelerate your development initiatives and add expertise and skills to your current team.

CASE STUDY in Sweden:

Learnster Case study

Find out how the Computools team transformed consumer services into a modern learning platform.

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Finland's IT sector has close international connections and is focused on the development of software solutions of varying complexity and nature. Finland tech companies take a proactive role in developing AI-based solutions, games, and cloud solutions.

However, the deteriorating shortage of skilled developers could hamper the development of the IT sector and the country’s economic growth suggesting that the sector would need more experienced engineers.

Computools offers a broad range of outsourcing solutions that would speed and scale-up innovations, enabling tech companies in Finland to maximize their potential, add new expertise and eliminate the need for experienced engineers.

CASE STUDY in Finland:

E-feller Case study

Our client, a startup on a mission to reduce food waste across the retail and restaurant supply chain with the help of warehouse sensors, was able to develop a minimum viable product that monitors the flow of goods through checkpoints and advises which components or ingredients should be used first. The startup was able to raise further funding based on the MVP.

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The Israeli tech sector has been growing for the last few decades. Today Israeli tech companies deliver solutions on different pioneering technologies like cybersecurity, cloud computing, blockchain, IoT, and business intelligence. This attracts key players around the world from such sectors as healthcare, energy, finance, and the military.

To succeed in the hi-tech sector, Israel still needs to address the shortage of tech engineers and lack of knowledge in trending technologies.



Discover how our team crafted an advanced cryptocurrency trading platform software from concept to reality, revolutionising the world of online investments and harnessing the benefits of blockchain technology.

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Dental Health Case study

Discover how Computools implemented advanced features, optimised X-ray processing and improved language packs in the dental health platform.

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HubMarine Case study

We helped our client, a marine transportation startup, to build an intuitive portal for boaters, marina operators and port authorities. With this solution, the client can plan operational activities of the marina, perform validation of the boat parameters, permits, and sailing history. The implementation of sensors allows for berth allocation and a custom AI algorithm manages pricing based on weather, facilities on offer, historical occupancy and nearby events.

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Despite its great potential, the Australian market is in a pre-crisis state. Financial experts attribute this to the slow adoption of technology in the area of management. Logistics and transportation represent the largest concern; however, they aren’t the only industries lacking. Developed industries like finance, tourism, and entertainment show constant fluctuations in profit margins.

At Computools we have extensive knowledge and experience in working with and understanding the Australian market, and what digital industries need to be successful. This strategic partnership can accelerate your business growth and strengthen your position as a leading company in your niche.

CASE STUDIES in Australia:

Synergy FX Case study

Discover how our engineering team developed a customer-focused website for stock trading.

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FDA Operator Case study

Learn how the Computools team developed and implemented an online investment management and risk management platform.

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Medirect Case study

Explore how we helped Medirect to improve care standards with a digital solution for patient records and scheduling. Using advanced AI, we combined different patient metrics into one system, enabling personalized care.

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The IT sector is one of the leading Japanese industries that drive the country’s economy. Japan is the birthplace of highly technological solutions that mainly revolve around such technologies as IoT, cloud, robotics, AI, game development, cybersecurity, and mobile communication.

With a great focus on IoT and mobile solutions, Japanese software companies are always in search of foreign tech talents who will address cybersecurity issues, add expertise to their team, and streamline development processes allowing them to expand global reach.

At Computools we offer outsourcing services that can support and push the digital transformation of the region.

CASE STUDY in Japan:

Epson Case study

One of the leading manufacturers of inkjet, dot matrix and laser printers, scanners and other electronics.

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Collaboration With
Companies Worldwide

As a global provider of software solutions, Computools focuses on productive collaboration with companies worldwide. The main principle is the constant pursuit for excellence at every stage of development. Computools's specialists implement tasks based on experience and turnkey solutions to solve even the most complex issues. While constantly striving to expand the scope of active cooperation, increasing the number of clients across the world, and becoming a proud member of international and local associations.

Computools is a part of the following international associations:


International Federation for Information Processing

IFIP is a non-governmental, non-profit umbrella organization for national societies working in the field of information processing since 1960. It is the leading multinational, apolitical organization in Information & Communications Technologies and Sciences, and is recognized by the United Nations as well as other world organizations. It represents IT Societies from 56 countries/regions, covering five continents with a total membership of over half a million. The association helps its members find a meeting place for sharing experience, as well as discussing challenges and opportunities.


World Information Technology and Services Alliance

The World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) is a leading consortium of ICT industry association members from over 80 countries around the world. WITSA’s members represent more than 90 percent of the world's ICT market. WITSA aims to drive transformation and grow the industry given that ICT is the key driver of the global economy. The association facilitates international trade and investment in ICT products and services through its global network of contacts. It also promotes industry cooperation and the strengthening of national associations through the sharing of knowledge, experience, and critical information.

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