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Computools Remains Dedicated to Staying on Track During the COVID-19 Quarantine Period

Computools remains a productive, efficient, and reliable partner, complying with the quarantine rules and precautions.

Mar 26, 2020

Considering the spread of COVID-19, we want to inform you that Computools will continue to work and provide services to our customers around the world. We especially value the well-being of all our clients and employees and therefore make every effort to remain your guide in the world of business innovation.

Computools is following the advice of the World Health Organization (WHO) and country-level Government recommendations taking an effort to reduce the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We value the health and safety of our staff and since Monday (March 16th), the majority of Computools’s employees transitioned to remote work from home.

The company provided all the employees working remotely with the necessary equipment, tools, and items for comfortable and productive work. For those few who remained in the offices due to production needs, we created the safest conditions possible: regular cleaning and surface treatment, and additional disinfectants for individual use. All mass events (team-building, corporate trainings, etc.) were canceled for the entire quarantine period, and meetings were transferred online to avoid large groups. Overseas trips were canceled to avoid contacts with virus carriers; for those employees who were already on vacation abroad, a mandatory two-week quarantine was organized.

Complying with quarantine, Computools remains a productive, efficient and reliable partner on the path to achieving your business goals. We remain motivated to develop creative and industry-changing solutions. The well-coordinated work of each team allows us to build useful, cost-effective and user-friendly software solutions. We continue to do the work needed for our clients so that even in times of crisis they receive the services they need for their businesses. 

Even during these uncertain times, it’s extremely important for everyone to stay on track and push through the hard times. 

Stay at home, stay optimistic, be safe.

Founder, CEO at Computools,
Sergii Tymchuk

Computools is a full-service software company that designs solutions to help companies meet the needs of tomorrow. Our clients represent a wide range of industries, including retail, finance, healthcare, consumer service and more.

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