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As a Specialty Retail business leader, you aim to create an ideal customer experience. You want your customers to have the perfect experience, with personalised recommendations and offers. You want to provide a fast and convenient shopping journey through seamless integration of online and offline channels. Your goal is to expand delivery options and create attractive propositions such as same or next-day delivery, click & collect, and free shipping.
You want to have a deep understanding of user behaviour, their, and needs, to meet your buyers needs, increase engagement.
As a retailer, you want to automate various tasks so that they don’t require human intervention. You want to provide your organisation with faster and simpler processes. Your goal is to balance product availability with minimal inventory risk, reducing stock-outs and wastage, and to quickly adjust pricing strategies based on predicted demand.


On the path of growing your business, you will encounter one or more challenges that can be solved by technology, and they are:


Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies into every facet of your business, ensuring efficiency, convenience, and customer satisfaction. You can empower your business to engage with customers anytime, anywhere through:


    Personalisation and better experience:
    With Frictionless POS, you get better customer data. Your marketing team will be able to deliver more personalised offers, increase loyalty and boost average checks. AI and hyper-personalisation in contextual interactions address customer needs at every stage of the customer journey. At the same time, Generative AI helps you to make personalised recommendations for customers and create or improve product design.
    Efficiency and cost savings:
    You'll reduce workforce costs with AI and automation. With these tools, your employees will be able to focus on strategic tasks. Gamification allows you to expand your ability to reach your target audience and market, while Computer Vision improves the automation of time-consuming operational activities and gives you a significant competitive advantage.
    Better customer understanding:
    AI and machine learning collect, analyse and apply data about customer behaviour, preferences and needs. Computer Vision optimises the placement and movement of goods.
    Accurate demand forecasting:
    You can predict demand based on historical data, trends, seasonality, and other factors, taking into account external influences that affect customer demand.
    Cohesive ecosystems:
    Technology allows you to share data immediately and have access to real-time information for better coordination and strategy.
    Increased customer satisfaction:
    Accurate demand forecasting can ensure that the right products are available. You can use gamification, heat maps, virtual mirrors, and recommendation systems to create an engaging and enjoyable customer experience.

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