Retailing Industry

Computools’ experts serve a full range of software development services to retail industry players, as follows: Consult, Design, Engineer, Operate and Optimize. With our ready-made solutions and agile processes, you get a quicker ROI and stay ahead of the competition.


Distribution solves the important tasks of promoting goods to the final consumer, distributing these goods in a certain territory and creating a sales management system that is based on managing and planning sales in various channels.

The acute problems in this direction remain the analysis of the demand for goods and the speed of their delivery, stock balances and the rapidly changing market situation.

Automated control systems along with innovative approaches are powerful tools for solving pressing complex distribution problems.

Computools’ specialists in the distribution industry will guide you through all stages of the IT consulting process and will offer the recommended software solution based on your company size and business goals. Our approach will sharpen your competitive edge and drive growth, which delivers comprehensive business management functionality from order management to your supply chain, to manufacturing and more.

By implementing automation systems for real-time inventory, pricing, and marketing of goods, we are able to assist with solving your specific business tasks, increasing your profits, and reducing expenses. You can see this solution and how it is used in the case of E-Feller.

02Internet & Direct Marketing Retail

Retailing on the Internet is a key area in today's market. Even small shops prefer to abandon storefronts altogether and transfer their business online.

Also, thanks to the widespread use of smartphones and other mobile devices, e-retailing has excellent prospects and almost endless possibilities.

This applies not only to companies providing retail services mainly via the Internet, mail orders or home retail stores but also for businesses providing online trading platforms for consumer goods and services.

Computools offers custom software solutions that help to automate processes and save marketers time, make it possible to manage a multitude of marketing channels with ease. Computools’ developers build a comprehensive suite of tools that integrate seamlessly, functioning like a single, well-oiled machine. Our services allow for the creation of marketing software which resolves your clients’ tasks in a proper way, helping to boost the productivity and efficiency of your entire company.

There are many IT consulting firms but only at Computools will you get specific software solutions that are tailored only to your business. Particularly to serve every one of your needs.

Our deep understanding and abilities in the field of implementing automation systems for order management, systems for effective interaction with customers, as well as integration with third-party services will take your business to a new level and open up new opportunities for you. You can see these solutions and how they are used in the cases of Creelit, Epson, AD Studio, Native Ads.

03Automotive Retail

More and more diverse retail destinations appear every day. Retailers specialized in a wide range of areas regularly discover new opportunities through the use of a variety of online services and mobile applications, which help them improve their business. One of the most promising forms of retailing is in the automotive sphere.

Owners of automotive retail stores, such as; gas stations, car washes, and retailers of auto accessories and parts, use a variety of online services and mobile applications which help them improve their business.

Computools provides the leading IT solutions for automotive retailers and manufacturers allowing them to build transparency and trust, increase conversion and improve customer satisfaction ratings. You will get software solutions that make customers’ buying processes more comfortable, speeds up buying decisions and allows for the completion of complex transactions in just a few clicks.

Computools’ experts have professional experience in the development of web platforms and mobile applications for the online ordering of different services, from cargo delivery to car washes, will help you correctly optimize your resources and help your business start operating at its full potential. You can see these solutions and how they are used in the cases of Locargo, Auto Union, MyCar.

Why Computools?


Access to expertise and Computools own key niche solutions provides saving time.


Computools LLC innovation management performance was valued by world experts in IMP³rove Academy.

ISO 9001:2015

Computools processes is certified according to international standards and has been refined by years of experience.

A Wide Range of Technology Stack

Computools’ multi technology experience allows select optimal technology for product development.


Computools values openness and transparency in all business processes thus you will always know what stage the development is.


Computools builds long-term relationships. This value forms the foundation of the company.


Main priority of the project team is your business goals, unique differentiators and challenges.


Low staff turnover by to geography and leadership in the region.

Partnering with countries

Computools' international associations' membership allows to better understand the needs and particular features of customers around the world.

IT clusters – collaboration

Computools supports collaboration with IT Professional Associations for experience and knowledge exchange, innovative solutions' development.

Award wins

The high level of Computools’ IT-expertise awarded and appreciated by awards and recognitions.

Continuing Skills Enhancement

Regular internal seminars, training, and workshops contribute to the continuous improvement of the company's engineers skills.

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