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As a farming company or agro holding, you are looking for farm management IT solutions to automate processes and improve yields, such as software solutions for workflow automation, stock and logistics management, planning work schedules and stuffing management, precise fertiliser applications based on soil analysis or tools for monitoring and managing large areas. You want to use drones or optimise animal feeding and care processes, monitoring their health and productivity. You want to integrate technologies for supply chain transparency and traceability.
As a sensor and equipment manufacturer, you want your software to integrate sensors with monitoring and data analysis systems. You need access to machine learning experts to develop and optimise solutions for agriculture. You want to expand your software platforms to provide comprehensive agribusiness management solutions, create intelligent monitoring systems that optimise resource use based on sensor data, have software for highly accurate drone image analysis or simply create new dashboards and workflows for your systems user base in a convenient and user-friendly way.
As a logistics and transport service provider, you need solutions to optimise your supply chain and manage transport, delivery, waste, and more. You need partners to improve your navigation and machine control algorithms.


Farmers, agro holdings and other businesses in the industry face significant obstacles in implementing modern technologies:


We have extensive experience developing and implementing advanced technologies for the agricultural sector. Our specialists are ready to provide you with comprehensive solutions that will help you increase your farm's efficiency and ensure its sustainable development. We offer:


Increased Productivity

We can introduce modern technologies into your agricultural machinery, which can significantly increase the efficiency and productivity of your farm. You can optimise resource use, leading to increased yields and profitability. Our software solution can help you achieve maximum results on your farm by ensuring a smooth transition to the latest technologies.

Reduced Costs

We can build an automation and intelligent control system so you can reduce operating costs by minimising the need for manual labour and reducing the cost of fertiliser, water, and energy. This enables your business to save a significant amount of money and better use its resources. Our software solution can allow you to implement these technologies efficiently and quickly.

Improving Product Quality

We can help you provide precise control over growing conditions and improve the quality of agricultural products with monitoring and management technologies. As a result, you can produce higher-quality products that meet market and consumer demands. With our help, you can implement these technologies and significantly improve the quality of your products, increasing their competitiveness.

Improved Livestock Management

We can provide individualised care and optimised feeding for your farm by developing an Intelligent animal health monitoring system. This system can allow you to manage your livestock more efficiently and achieve better results by increasing livestock productivity and health. Our experts can develop and implement such a system in your business.

Sustainability And Environmental Friendliness

We can help you contribute to the sustainable development of agriculture by developing a renewable energy monitoring system for waste reduction. You will be able to preserve the environment and meet modern requirements for environmentally friendly production. You can become more sustainable and environmentally responsible. Our software solution can help you integrate renewable energy into your farm and achieve your environmental goals.

Optimised Resource Management

We can help you reduce wastage via an intelligent system that efficiently manages water, energy, and other resources. You will conserve resources and reduce costs. We can develop and integrate such a system into your production, optimising your resource management and increasing overall efficiency.

Reduced risks

We can help you to reduce the risks associated with weather conditions and other factors with modern monitoring and forecasting technologies. You will be one step ahead and better prepared for possible challenges.

Increased competitiveness

We can help your business remain competitive and offer higher-quality products at lower prices due to the use of the innovative software solution that we can develop. This can help you open new opportunities for your growth and development.


A system for detecting sick animals on a farm

Our client, Alpha-Pig, a leading pig feed production firm, sought to improve their pig farming operations. The producer wanted to detect sick animals on their farms on time, which we addressed by developing an innovative AI software solution that enhanced animal health monitoring and farm management. We utilised AI algorithms, OpenCV for image processing, TensorFlow for machine learning, and various sensors to capture critical data such as water consumption and feed intake. Implementing our solution improved farm efficiency, boosted productivity by 15%, increased livestock fodder sales, and enhanced profitability along with market demand for Alpha-Pig.


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