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As an executive with responsibility for the development of a logistics company, you would like to optimise ground transport routes and visibility. You want to monitor the condition of containers (temperature, humidity) in real-time to ensure the integrity of the cargo.
For sustainability, you’d like to improve visibility and reduce theft. You’re looking for tools to track vehicle location in real-time, manage weight, and perform performance analysis.
As a logistics executive, you’d like to reduce fuel consumption and improve delivery times. You aim to reduce operating costs, increase efficiency, and make transport safer. You want to be able to identify maintenance needs before breakdowns occur.


Within the ground transportation industry, the reality is dictated by time and speed. As an enterprise, you encounter operational challenges. We explore the nuances to highlight the obstacles that define your operating landscape:


We can develop innovative logistics and supply chain optimisation solution for your business that overcome multiple challenges by integrating advanced technologies. We can apply artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain, MaaS, and other technologies to improve efficiency, security, transparency, and reduce costs and emissions in your business.

Benefits you can receive from cooperating with us

Streamlined operations

Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) with traditional algorithms automates processes, minimizing the need for manual intervention in logistics and supply chain operations. Real-time tracking capabilities coupled with AI analytics empower data-driven decision-making, optimizing inventory management and mitigating losses.

Enhanced visibility and efficiency

IoT devices such as RFID tags, eSIMs, and GPS sensors provide precise real-time tracking of shipments, improving visibility throughout the supply chain. Seamless data exchange within supply chain ecosystems enables you to offer personalized customer experiences, while edge computing ensures timely access to cargo platform activity data.

Enhanced customer experience

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform has a unified interface for simplified trip planning and ticket purchases, providing your clients with optimal routes integrating various modes of transport.

Improved security

Blockchain technology ensures secure and transparent transactions through decentralized ledgers. Automation of processes via smart contracts reduces reliance on intermediaries, facilitating real-time tracking of goods and verifying product origins to minimize counterfeit incidents.

Maintenance and operational insight

IoT sensors transmitting data to digital twins enable proactive maintenance by providing insights into equipment location, condition, productivity, temperature, and damage.

Smarter inventory management

Data analytics facilitate fuel-saving route optimization and smarter inventory management, enhancing operational efficiency. Timely deliveries and improved services elevate customer satisfaction, while extended analytics pinpoint inefficiencies, reducing overhead costs.

Process modelling and risk mitigation

Digital Supply Chain Twins (DSCT) enable efficient process modeling, exploration, and testing without altering real-world operations. It allows identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and potential risks in the supply chain and give possibility for better planning and resource allocation.

Automation and optimization

Robotic Process Automation automates inventory management, route optimization, safety enhancement, and issue prediction, boosting efficiency and optimizing inventory levels. AI and RPA mitigate labor shortages in logistics by taking on tasks currently performed by humans.

Operational enhancement

Warehouse Management Systems accelerate order fulfillment, increase product delivery speed, and minimize distribution costs. Real-time data provided by IoT devices enhances visibility and control over warehouse operations, with cloud-based WMS services offering cost-effectiveness and faster deployment compared to local solutions.




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