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Logistics Software Development

Increase the efficiency of your operations, optimize warehousing, and eliminate bottlenecks in the smooth flow of goods. take your business to greater heights with Computools’s logistics expertise

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Take a look at some of the benefits Computools can bring to your logistics business:

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Logistics Software Development

Inventory management system (IMS)

An inventory management system (IMS) is a system that helps you manage your inventory. It's designed to help reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve customer service. Businesses use inventory management systems to:
  • Know what's in stock (what products are available and in what quantities) to avoid unnecessary purchases and stock shortages.
  • Reduce the risks of missing orders to increase sales.
  • Make delivery deadlines to keep customers satisfied.
  • Spread resources to make things more efficient.
  • Set maximum and minimum inventory to reduce logistics and inventory costs and save on storage.
  • Reduce human-error-related mistakes.

Logistics Software Development

Warehouse management system (WMS)

A warehouse management system (WMS) is a software solution that allows companies to manage their inventory, order picking, and shipping process. It contains the essential functions for order processing, order picking, warehouse management, shipment, and inventory control. The advantages of a WMS are:
  • Fast processing of warehouse inquiries.
  • Better visibility into your products, locations, and costs.
  • Real-time recording of inventory.
  • Improvement of warehouse logistics and management of the entire supply chain.
  • Reduced errors due to manual data entry.

Logistics Software Development


A strategic transport planning system is integral to logistics and offers many optimization approaches. An STP system allows users to:
  • Automate route planning.
  • Consider all practical constraints such as cargo dimensions, the weight of goods, delivery times and quantities, capacity of vehicles and equipment, access restrictions, and traffic conditions.
  • Use historical data to improve the supply chain in the future.
  • Calculate fees during transportation and for value-added taxes.
  • Choose the best-suited transportation models.
  • Choose the most optimal carrier.

Logistics Software Development

Transport management system (TMS)

An optimally designed supply chain should be monitored daily. It also includes transportation planning. Transportation logistics is based on a transport management system (TMS). They help logistic companies to:
  • Track orders.
  • Plan cost and time-effective transportation.
  • Ensure the required delivery service and quality.
  • Reduce transportation services costs.

Logistics Software Development

Logistics analytics system

Using AI algorithms and Big data, you can analyze shipping history, customer personas, methods of shipment to optimize internal processes, improve performance, and reduce costs in the future, for example:
  • Reorganize warehouses.
  • Adapt shipping to customer types.
  • Organize more effective shipping.
  • Optimize working processes during delivery.
  • Track the cost of shipping.
  • Generate KPI reports that reflect company performance.

Logistics Software Development


The last-mile delivery system refers to delivering goods from a central location to an end user's doorstep or final destination. Computools’s solutions can significantly improve the customer experience by providing the ability to get products anytime and anywhere they need them. The products being developed allow you to:
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Reach more customer groups.
  • Expand revenue streams.

Logistics Software Development


This type of software is usually used for tracking cargo in transit. You can use it for various purposes, such as tracking cargo through a warehouse or distribution center or even tracking the movement of goods from a retail store to the consumer’s home. The advantage of using this system is:
  • Enhanced customer experience.
  • Reduced likelihood of loss or damage.
  • Assistance in solving legal issues.

Logistics Software Development


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