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Banking Software Development

Take advantage of cutting-edge technologies to automate many of your operations, freeing up the resources needed to offer unique solutions to your customers

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70% of banks worldwide have already invested in such technologies as cloud computing, data analytics, AI, and business process automation.


Mobile banking

The number of people who will actively use mobile banking apps is expected to grow to almost 3 billion users worldwide. Computools designs applications for different operating systems. We are ready to develop applications for mobile banking, including but not limited to: smart auto-payments, tools to control income and expenses, payment for services, work with cards and accounts, transaction validation, as well as other specific functions your application needs to reach your overall goals.


Cyber Security

Incorporate or improve your security against hackers by strengthening information security systems, modifying and timely updating software tools, and using non-standard methods like artificial intelligence and machine learning, which are used to prevent such attacks and fraudulent operations.


CRM Implementation

Digitize your bank's internal processes based on CRM systems and other analytics software to get a unified platform for interaction with customers, set up unique processes for operations and sales, automate the processing of IT requests, and much more.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools have become a major foundation for many banks around the globe. They turn vast amounts of data into useful information to improve the profitability of services, the efficiency of business processes, and the profitability of business areas and the bank as a whole. It does this by reducing the necessity for human involvement and, thus, the errors associated with the human factor.


Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Introduce or improve your bank with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Banks hold a wide array of information that requires cutting-edge, fintech solutions. When appropriately implemented, reduce costs and increase profits. That is why artificial intelligence and machine learning tools for processing vast amounts of information are widely used in end-to-end customer experience processes for achieving goals. These processes include decision making (mortgage solutions, recognition of potential client wealth, etc.), customer services (chatbots and voice assistants, work with customers` documents), and back-office processes (compliance, risk management, intelligent document processing, etc.).


Big Data

Handle the exponential growth of data by incorporating a big data solution.

Get better information about customers and their interactions with the company and collect an array of data from multiple sources: communications with the bank, payment history, and even activity on social networks, forums, and blogs. This allows for the assessment of the trustworthiness of customers when offering them financial products and personalized communication channels.

All that said, Big Data solutions are not going away and are becoming even more critical in the financial and banking sectors.


Process automation

Process automation is based on software capable of performing routine tasks, which drastically reduces the workload for company employees without the need to change the bank's IT infrastructure.

Such a system is able to read data from tables, compare them, fill out all sorts of forms, send requests and receive data from responses, use email, retrieve or add attachments from/to emails, send notifications, and much more.


Banking as a platform

Banking as a platform allows you to implement a mixed set of products and services for users on a single platform by integrating custom-developed products or services from third-party vendors. This allows banks to reach new customers and extend their functionality.




The solutions we create for banking companies lead to the optimization of business processes:

Deploy modern solutions that foster long-term growth

Get insightful data about your customer base

Automate many business processes to reduce human involvement

Improve cybersecurity

Minimize costs and improve the quality of services

Provide customers with convenient and fast communication

Make better decisions with real-time analytics dashboards

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Community development banks

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