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Education Software Development

Deliver quality education for community and business with trusted expertise. Learn how to reduce overhead costs and improve productivity. Meet your goals by connecting with new audiences and building a reputation as an innovative company. With Computools's expertise, you will stay on top of the latest trends in technology

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Solutions we create for Education Tech and your business result in:

Discover what expertise Computools can provide for your Education Business:

Education Software Development

learning management educational system

A whole complex of educational solutions is in one pack:
  • еasy onboarding and transition,
  • creating systematic flows,
  • introducing education and management standards within the business,
  • creating conditions for profit generation,
  • testing and informing on the system level of the organization,
  • predictions and analytics based on history,
  • testing and automation,
  • cloud-based, remote education capability.

There is everything to get things clear and under control.

Education Software Development

student information software

Computools provides solutions for students, parents, and tutors to stay up-to-date on events, curriculum, materials, and lectures. Information is available from anywhere.

Education Software Development

classroom management software

Comprehensive solutions for creating and maintaining curriculum and tracking attendance at lectures and related events. Tools that allow you to monitor and keep everything under control.
  • Significant reduction of scheduling costs
  • Increased quality of scheduling
  • Availability of information anywhere and at any time

Education Software Development

tutoring solutions

A solution for mentors and participants to bring them together with the necessary information, curriculum, materials, and appropriate workflow to make things clear. These solutions also reduce tutor time to handle more participants and direct reports.

Digital solutions allow teachers to find new students and, therefore, new income; for students to find their teacher and learn from anywhere.

Education Software Development

educational applications

Focused educational processes are based on education in the best possible way so that the educational process is conducted with maximum efficiency and in a specialized practice that will benefit both the educator and the trainee.

Education Software Development

language learning solutions

Dedicated software for learning languages and related processes to track, learn efficiently, get reports, and optimize language learning processes.

Education Software Development

exam & testing solutions

Software to organize, store and execute testing processes at an organizational or individual level to maintain rigorous standards of qualifications, approaches and workflows to ensure the desired level of expertise within your business or the entire community if your solution is not designed for internal purposes.

Education Software Development

gamification of education solutions

Engage and encourage users to actively learn through gamification of educational processes, passing key points, and completing regular activities, while having a happier and less formal user experience.

Education Software Development


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