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Software Testing Services

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Computools' comprehensive software testing approach allows for the detection of bugs and glitches at early stages, regardless of the task's complexity. Prompt troubleshooting saves time, reduces costs and time-to-market, and significantly improves product quality, enhancing the user experience.

Software Testing Services

Quality assurance audit

Computools can make a comprehensive revision of your product before release as an independent auditor, including:
  • Revise the product for compliance with general criteria, such as response speed, information storage standards, usability, etc.;
  • Analyze the product based on basic quality criteria, for example, competent error handling, content quality, etc.;
  • Analyze the product for compliance with requirements (functional and non-functional);
  • Check if the product is compliant with regulatory standards (GDPR, ISO, etc.);
  • Review and assess the state of test documentation and other types of project documentation;
  • Make a source code quality assessment (using technology specialists).

Software Testing Services

Quality assurance test strategy

Computools’ QA specialists, business analysts, designers, and engineers will help you set up your project’s testing strategy, including:
  • Analysis of project requirements and scope;
  • Detection of release objectives;
  • Development of a unique testing approach;
  • Planning the required set of testing tools and frameworks;
  • Approving the Definition of Done (DoD) criterias;
  • Setting up key performance indicators (KPI) and other metrics;
  • Indicating potential risks.

Software Testing Services

Test Management and Strategy

On each project, the software testing process is organized with its individual characteristics in mind, such as the general concept, subject area, and business priorities, the chosen architectural approach, the sharing of responsibilities within the team, potential risks, etc. The Test Strategy document helps to systematize and consolidate the chosen approach. Based on this document, Computools' QA team develops a set of measures for managing the testing process (test management), prioritizing the necessary activities, defining the structure and completeness of the test artifacts development, the frequency of reports, etc.

Software Testing Services

UX Testing

One of the key factors for a product's success is undoubtedly its attractiveness and comprehensibility for a potential user, or, user experience. Computools' QA team tests future software solutions, starting with UX prototypes, for their functionality and completeness; while in the next phases of development, general control of the system usability is also included in the testing process.

Software Testing Services

Regression Testing

Computools’ team properly conducts regression testing to identify bugs and artifacts in the code in early development stages and test whether the new changes caused any defects. Hence, it prevents any feature failures, leads to general improvements in user experience, and ensures solid product functionality.

Software Testing Services

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance testing evaluates the quality of the product based on functional and nonfunctional product requirements and business rules. Computools' QA team applies a holistic approach to verify product readiness with business expectations and assure that everything works as it should. It results in the high quality, efficiency, and reliability of the finished product.

Software Testing Services

Performance Testing

Timely system performance testing under various workloads, including critical ones, will allow the product to operate smoothly even in peak days, prevent possible financial losses in case of a partial or complete system failure, identify bottlenecks and optimize overall performance, evaluate scalability at the code level, assess potential business risks, and reduce infrastructure maintenance costs.

Software Testing Services

Test Automation

Test automation is a must have for long-term and large projects. It’s when pieces of a regression test are transformed into automated scripts; this in turn significantly reduces labor costs for new releases, allowing manual QA to focus on new functionality, increase the frequency of receiving reports, and reduce the time it takes to perform scheduled checks. Computools' QA team offers an optimal solution, analyzes a project’s current testing process, chooses the optimal technology stack, and develops an individual step-by-step plan to implement the automation process.

Software Testing Services

Quality Monitoring and Reporting

Quality assurance is an ongoing process that does not end with product release. On the contrary, when a platform acquires its first real user, the QA team faces even more complex tasks. The competent organization of scheduled inspections, the monitoring of infrastructure (for example, servers, databases, etc.), the automation of some of these processes, the choice of form, and the frequency of reports are all essential components of a "healthy" and stable product.

Software Testing Services

Quality Audit

A quality audit is a set of activities aimed at assessing a product in its current state, both at the code level and at the level of completeness and implementation of functional and business requirements. An audit allows Computools to assess the work already done, and also provides an understanding of the system’s potential weak points, identifies gaps in the architecture, and reduces business risks.

Software Testing Services

Accessibility Testing

This is a check for accessibility in line with international standards, the preparation of detailed reports on the results of testing, as well as the development of measures to implement the necessary changes that will make your product more open to people with disabilities.



Software Testing Services


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