A system for detecting sick animals on a farm

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Our client, Alpha-Pig, a top-tier pig feed production firm, needed to improve the efficiency of its pig farming operations. Computools assisted in achieving this goal by developing an innovative AI software solution that enhanced animal health monitoring and farm management. Our team implemented equipment utilising cameras of different spectrums, microphones, and advanced algorithms to detect individual diseases based on behavioural patterns.


A-Pig is an Austrian venture that excels in pig feed production. The client has established industry connections and partnerships, offering potential support, collaboration and market access opportunities.

They provide high-quality feed, focusing on health and productivity enhancement for pigs. The company also integrates innovative AI-based solutions to optimise feeding patterns, aiming to boost productivity while minimising waste and costs. This blend of quality and innovation positions Alpha-Pig as an industry leader, enhancing farming practices across Austria.


The problem was to improve the efficiency of pig farms by detecting overall and specific sick animals. The system must work with cost-effective, easily integrated equipment in various pig farms. It was necessary to create AI algorithms for detecting individual diseases based on the pigs’ behavioural patterns.


We chose equipment that operates using cameras of different spectrums and microphones. Our team developed an algorithm to identify individual animals without requiring any external changes to their appearance and to detect deviations in their behaviour. The engineers created a system that accurately measures key indicators (such as water consumption and feed intake) in the pen without complex equipment integration.


Implementing the system significantly improved the efficiency of the pig farm. The system detected and addressed sick animals, boosting productivity within the pens by 15%. To ensure the product’s profitability, the client invested significantly in acquiring the necessary equipment, with approximately 94% of the total investment allocated to procuring it, highlighting its critical role in achieving the desired outcomes.

The AI software solution led to a notable increase in livestock fodder sales, reflecting improved market demand and higher revenue generation for the client. These outcomes demonstrate the project’s successful implementation, leading to enhanced productivity, improved profitability, and increased sales in the livestock farming sector.


Alpha-Pig discovered Computools while searching for a reliable partner to develop an innovative AI software solution for their pig farming operations. They considered several other technology providers but ultimately chose Computools due to our proven expertise in disruptive technologies, industry-focused solutions, and strong track record in successful project implementations.

When Computools first started working with Alpha-Pig, we focused on understanding their specific needs and challenges. We conducted thorough consultations to align our solutions with their business goals. In the early days, the client appreciated our proactive approach, transparency, and clarity of our communication.

Computools excels in disruptive technologies and is supported by our dedicated R&D centres. ISO 27001:2013 Certification assured Alpha-Pig that Computools implements and maintains high standards for information security policies, using all technologies correctly.



The client had limited expertise in employing advanced tech solutions, such as AI algorithms, presenting a technical challenge. Also, the company faced stiff competition in the pig feed market.

Approach to solution

The client’s decision process involved several key steps. Initially, they discovered our company through industry recommendations and market research. They explored alternative solutions, including traditional monitoring systems and other AI-based options. However, they ultimately selected custom development due to its unique features and competitive advantages.

Computools role

We developed a solution that incorporated sophisticated AI algorithms that could accurately analyse pig behaviour and health. The algorithms could detect subtle behavioural changes indicative of health issues, allowing for early intervention. Sensors measured key indicators such as water consumption and feed intake in the pig pens to ensure precise data collection. The ability to identify individual animals without external modifications made our solution both efficient and animal-friendly.

Key decisions and outcomes

Overall, the project aimed to revolutionise the pig farming industry by leveraging innovative technology to improve disease detection, enhance productivity, and, ultimately, optimise pig farms’ profitability.


Our team collaborated closely with the client during the design phase to understand their brand and user preferences. We developed wireframes and prototypes, focusing on user interactions and navigation. We crafted a cohesive and user-centric interface through iterative feedback and internal testing, ensuring responsiveness across devices. The final design met the project's objectives and delivered an engaging and visually appealing product.

a-pig wireframes


Basic visual guides illustrating the system’s structure and functionality.

a-pig user interface


The final design of the system's interactive elements for user engagement.



We chose the Scrum project management methodology for our project, which allows the team to be flexible and adaptable to changing conditions and requirements. Scrum includes sprints, clearly defined roles, artefacts, and regular ceremonies, which promote transparency and progress monitoring. This methodology enables us to respond quickly to change, continuously improve processes, and focus on the most valuable tasks. With Scrum, we can collaborate effectively, deliver a working product quickly, and improve quality.



a-pig project timeline


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