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As an Entrepreneur coming from an industry background, you have a vision of a technology solution that will resolve the issues that your industry has been struggling with for many years. Leadership in technology requires not only managing current challenges, but also building an outstanding team capable of executing strategic initiatives, taking the business to the next level.


As a Head of IT, you have been in discussions with the business about its operational challenges and are looking for an off-the-shelf solution to address them, yet none of the shortlisted products quite fit. A comprehensive understanding of your users’ needs, however, means you are very clear of what solution the business needs to meet its unique goals.


As a Business Owner, who is involved in daily operations, you want to delegate more of the operational activity while retaining control of the high-level data. Disparate systems or spreadsheets are no longer a solution, and you have a vision of a unique IT system or a set of dashboards that will allow you to retain control of the operations while providing you with the data necessary for strategic growth planning.


There is an abundance of technology products that claim to solve the operational and strategic challenges of a wide range of businesses. You might have checked the options suitable for your business on the software products review sites such as SoftwareReviews or Gartner. You might have reviewed the product demo or did a trial in your sandbox or production environment.
Yet, you may not be convinced that the solution is right for your business:
First, it might be geared towards larger clients, with an abundance of features and configurations that are too complex for your needs.
Second, its integration options may only meet your needs half way, and you understand that for the full visibility your team will resort to old good spreadsheets.
Third, in order to adopt the product, some optimized operational sequences may change, meaning the business will have to adapt to the tool, rather than the tool will serve the business.
Also, although the product is changing, you may have an impression that your specific customisation requests will not be a priority for the developers as they follow a defined, generic roadmap.
Finally, while the demo and trial incentives might be lucrative, your financial analysis suggests that the overall cost of ownership over time, especially with “per user” or “per transaction” charging model, could skyrocket.


Building a bespoke technology solution is a viable option when:


  • You clearly see the need in the market and are convinced that your understanding of the industry pain points can offer a reliable long term solution.
  • You explored the off-the-shelf options and are convinced that bespoke or integrated project is a way forward.

Our approach to delivering “solution type” projects relies on the discipline of design thinking and domain-driven design so that we can jointly form a solid vision of the product or solution with you and your team. This vision is then combined with the Agile practices of product management, feedback loop, stakeholder engagement. We apply SCRUM or Kanban as development methodologies that not only promote the organized work of the technical team, but encourage frequent and meaningful interaction with business stakeholders: founders, IT Heads, Product Managers, Heads of Strategy or Customer Success.


This ensures that the technology team always keeps the end goal in mind when designing, developing or proposing new ideas. At the same time, the approach has built-in flexibility, thanks to the use of Agile methodologies, in case the solution details must change, in response to an early client feedback, business stakeholder input, or newly discovered technical dependencies.


At Computools, innovation comes as standard, and a practical way to live by this motto is to remain open-minded and retain space for the orderly flexibility. This is why you can always be certain that the team will analyze the changes, new requirements, and will inform you of their impact on the development roadmap, budget and schedule, and will alert of any technical dependencies. When our team completed the agreed development, we will continue supporting your solution, and the most suitable services at that point will be “Technical Support Services” or “Flexible Agile Team”.





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