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As a Head of Development, you want to make sure that the team accurately delivers the required solution, within the agreed timescale, velocity and cost. Your team is the engine of change, architecting solutions that drive growth and future technology capabilities that optimise value streams and support strategic business development.
As a Chief Technology Officer, you would like to build an environment where all technical delivery functions are balanced, competent and work collaboratively, between in-house and outsourced resources. You want to take advantage of the expertise of your core team and the flexibility of scaling engineering teams to deliver specific projects, innovation or strategic goals.
As a Product Owner, you expect the delivery function to be scalable, fully onboard with the product development goals, and having the skills and expertise necessary for implementation of the product roadmap.


As a leader who is responsible for iterative delivery of multiple technology products, you have probably been in a situation when the technology teams, while having a “primary” project to focus on, have to be diverted to support other activities, such as legacy product issues or customer support enquiries.
Perhaps you have also experienced the dilemma of postponing strategic projects because all your technical leads, capable of leading the development squads, are occupied with ongoing projects for the foreseeable future?
Or perhaps the decision has been made to refocus the organisations’s resources on a new strategic project, leaving other important streams of work understaffed and without technical leadership?


As you look strategically at the business roadmap for the next few years, including the technology roadmap, you consider how to organise your delivery capabilities. Your considerations might be:

  • Hiring the specialists with the expertise you need, for the time that you need them.
  • Forming new agile squads internally to meet the business demands, effectively reshuffling the existing teams.
  • Forming a partnership with an agile delivery service provider that has required competencies.

Hiring could “plug” the immediate gap as a ‘sticky plaster’ quick fix. If all goes to plan, your new recruit should become an integral part of your team.

A more strategic approach would be to think in terms of the teams or squads you need to deliver for the business. The team mindset requires evaluation of the skillset the team requires: both in terms of technologies and ability to cooperate (within the team and with the business). Once you are clear on the team structure and required competencies, you can start forming the teams.

Your main constraints here are time and skillset of the individuals. Time, because it takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months to build a well-performing agile team, and skillset, because you need to find not only technically competent people, but also qualified Scrum Masters, Business Analysts, System Architects who could lead the delivery (and participate in constant dialog with the wider business).


We can offer you reliable, long-term support in scaling your delivery teams, all whilst maintaining flexibility. The Agile Delivery Team cooperation model is aligned to your needs and priorities. The Computools difference is threefold:
We are happy to share this experience with you via our Agile Delivery Squad offering, which can be tailored to your needs and scale. Here are some of the examples who the teams could be structured and organised:

Agile Development Squad CASE STUDIES


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