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As a Head of Development, you want to make sure that the team accurately delivers the required solution, within the agreed timescale, velocity and cost. Leadership in the technology sector is not just about solving current problems. A modern leader must be able to build a strong and capable team that can implement strategic initiatives and take the business to the next level. This means not only recruiting talented specialists, but also creating conditions for their development, motivation and effective work.
As a Chief Technology Officer, you would like to build an environment where all technical delivery functions are balanced, competent and work collaboratively, between in-house and outsourced resources. You want to balance the scale of engineering pools between permanent staff and those needed, in the short term, to deliver specific projects, innovation or strategic goals.
As a Product Owner, you expect the delivery function to be scalable, fully onboard with the product development goals, and having the skills and expertise necessary for implementation of the product roadmap.


As a leader who is responsible for iterative delivery of technology products, you have probably been in a situation when all teams depend on a single DevOps engineer to push that next release or service pack to production.
Perhaps you have also experienced the impossible dilemma of allocating your two experienced data scientists between six projects? Knowing that each of these projects are of a similar priority and each competes for these engineers’ time and contribution. You have probably experienced the ‘Lose/Lose’ situation, knowing that four of the six projects could or will inevitably be delayed, putting an entire roadmap at risk.
Maybe coverage of automated tests remains well below your target, because the Test Automation Engineer vacancy has still not been filled, after four months, to the frustration of developers and overload of the manual QA team?
Finally, maybe your knowledgeable and expensive senior developers are constantly diverted to resolve minor support issues, taking them away from delivering critical and strategic project work.


Once you are clear on the projects that the business expects you to deliver, your next question is whether your teams are adequately organised and staffed. You probably have no need or wish to dramatically increase numbers of permanent headcounts in an uncertain job market. But what if the team members you can count on are clearly not enough to meet the demands from the business (do more with less, as they say). Your options might include:

  • Hiring the specialists with the expertise you need, for the time that you need them.
  • Engaging with contractors to deliver the aspects of work you can outsource.
  • Engaging with a services provider that offers the flexibility you expect.

Hiring could “plug” the immediate gap as a ‘sticky plaster’ quick fix. If all goes to plan, your new recruit should become an integral part of your team. However, you may be hesitant going down this route because you are not certain if the role is going to be permanent.


Engaging with freelancers or contractors could be a viable option instead. The freelancers do not expect a long-term commitment from you and could deliver the expected results quickly, provided they are skilled and experienced. The drawback could be that you would need to divert your internal resources (your time and the time of your most experienced engineers) to screen the candidates, verify trial tasks, onboard and then off-board the engineers.


An agency, or an external service provider, could be a reasonable option if they can offer a wider pool of candidates, can take the time and burden of the knowledge transfer off you, and can take responsibility for the performance of their staff. However, you will still need to allocate time to run due diligence on the service provider, sign legal agreements and dedicate the time to ensure the agency personnel are familiar with your coding conventions, standards, architectural patterns, and the expectations of the work to be performed.


We can offer you reliable and flexible support in scaling your teams. Flexible team extension offers you the following benefits:
We are happy to share this experience with you via our Flexible Team Extension offering, which can be tailored to your needs and scale. Here is an example of how this service aligns to your development project plans:



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