Computools Volunteers in IT-Initiative to Help Fight the COVID-19

Computools takes part in IT-initiative to fight coronavirus pandemic consequences.

Jan 30, 2020

Computools concurs with YouTeam’s IT-initiative to help fighting coronavirus pandemic. The idea is to provide companies that develop products and services to fight COVID-19 with competent developers on volunteer terms.

In this difficult time of the global pandemic and crisis, Computools supports such IT-initiatives to help fight the coronavirus and minimize the economic consequences of the pandemic. Participating in such IT volunteering activities is a part of Computools’s social responsibility and fully complies with the key and ideological principles of the company.

Coronavirus has already affected all aspects of life around the world: not only healthcare, but also the financial and regulatory sector, retail, real estate, etc. Today, developers unite to create new ways of dealing with the crisis using technology. The main attention is now focused on the development of apps that allow real-time tracking of the infected patients’ movements in order to find out who they could contact with. This is aimed at preventing the rapid spread of COVID-19.

Many companies now also need help in solving crisis problems: a chatbot that will take on the burden of working with customers, or applications for ordering and delivering goods. The development and implementation of such solutions can minimize losses from restrictions imposed in connection with the pandemic.

Therefore, Computools volunteers in fighting the COVID-19 by providing companies with free development support, such as software and application developers to complete their teams with required specialists. The company’s experts have extensive experience in creating original and innovative software solutions.

YouTeam connects the companies working on solutions for fighting with COVID-19 with expert developers who are ready to provide their services on a voluntary free basis. To implement this idea, a new landing page was created where direct contacts for collaboration with volunteer outsourcing agencies and companies are announced.

Computools’s engineers have repeatedly participated in joint projects, complementing various teams. The teams’ flexibility and scalability allow solving problems of any complexity while maintaining high productivity and efficiency. A high level of the company’s developers’ expertise is the basis for high-quality software innovations.

Computools strives to contribute to the fight against coronavirus in all available ways, applying technical knowledge, forward-thinking development and previous projects’ experience.

Stay tuned to learn more about the company’s activities in this area, check out Computools’s profile or contact a specialist by emailing to find out how Computools can help in your fight against coronavirus.


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