Computools’s Digital Summit 2021: How It Was

Find out more about what technology trends were highlighted at Computools's Digital Summit 2021.

Apr 15, 2021

In early March, Computools hosted an international Digital Summit 2021 to highlight the top technology trends in 2021.

The main goal of the event is to share the results of an in-depth analysis of trends in various industries and provide some tips that can be applied to business today to gain a competitive edge tomorrow. The company’s experts were focused on key trends in healthcare, eCommerce, finance, consumer services, mobile and game development, and others.

Thus, Sergey Peredelskiy revealed the main technology solutions and innovations that healthcare companies should adopt. Kateryna Belova highlighted the future of eCommerce in 2021. Viktoria Ruban gave an overview of the finance industry and its trends. Viktoriia Zubova shared tricks and tips on how to increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Nikolay Smorgun revealed several secrets of mobile development trends. Oleg Svet and Vitaliy Kononenko spoke in more detail about the discovery phase in software development. Oleksandr Azmanov and Alexis Pellegrini shared their thoughts on the networking session. Nikita Abelmasov was the host of the event and provided support and assistance to all participants.

The online format of the event allowed everyone to join it. Speakers conducted presentations in parallel in several webinar-rooms, which allowed each participant to focus only on the information they were interested in. At the end of the webinars, participants had the opportunity to ask the experts questions and share their opinions, and open discussion allowed deeper disclosure of individual issues.

The summit reviewed key software development trends that will have a significant impact on business in various industries in 2021. In an effort to provide clients and partners with the most relevant and expert information, Computools’s specialists conducted a preliminary in-depth analysis and applied real cases as examples of successful projects using the technologies mentioned in the presentations.

The rapidly changing business reality is forcing companies to use more and more innovative software solutions, facing a number of difficulties during its adoption. The company’s experts are always ready to advise clients on the selection of best-fitted technologies or the creation of custom solutions.


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