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Computools’s experts teach courses for the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine employees

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Feb 19, 2022

Computools took part in an educational initiative organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in partnership with the IТ Ukraine Association. The project includes weekly courses for ministry staff. During training, leading experts share their substantive knowledge to expand the ministerial employees’ awareness of the modern achievements and processes of the IT industry in Ukraine.

Today, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine pays great attention to digital transformation and digitalization in
general – more than 50 IT projects in various directions have been opened and are being carried out. Such a deepening into the field required additional training to develop the soft and hard skills that are so necessary for effective work. IТ Ukraine Association actively invites IT companies to cooperate in this area.

Computools were pleased to join the project, realizing its importance and essentiality. This is a part of social responsibility and a crucial contribution to the transformation and implementation of new technological solutions for management, analysis, and development of the necessary skills. Thanks to many years of successful work on software projects, Computools’s specialists have valuable knowledge and experience that they are ready to share with the audience.

For the training sessions, the company’s experts selected relevant topics, on which lectures and visual material were prepared. The speakers paid attention to revealing subtleties and details and encouraged lively discussion on the topic.

Nikita Abelmasov, Head of Business Analysis, devoted his speech to Conflict Management, where he conveyed to the audience the techniques and strategies for resolving conflicts and avoiding them while working on a project.

Dmytro Batarin, Front End Technology Lead, presented an overview of API – REST, SOAP, where he introduced the basic concepts and terms on the topic, revealed the structure of protocols.

Viktoria Ruban, Business Analyst, prepared an overview of the Project Documentation, detailing the documents for each stage.

Alina Dudko, Project Manager, shared with the audience her expertise in the field of Risk Analysis and Management, demonstrated algorithms and patterns that can help in the work.

By participating in this and similar projects, Computools shares its knowledge and practical experience in IT development, contributing to the increase in the level of awareness and qualifications of Ministry specialists. The company believes that such educational initiatives are necessary for positive digital changes at the state level because this could become a necessary impetus for the further development of the IT industry in Ukraine.

Computools is a full-service software company that designs solutions to help companies meet the needs of tomorrow. Our clients represent a wide range of industries, including retail, finance, healthcare, consumer service and more.

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