Nordic It Sourcing & Innovation Summit: Computools Shared the Experience of Cooperation with Nordic Companies

Learn more about Computools's participation in Nordic IT Sourcing & Innovation Summit 2020.

Dec 18, 2020

In the first decade of December, Computools took part in the 10th Annual Nordic IT Sourcing & Innovation Summit held in partnership with KPMG & IT Ukraine.

The summit was dedicated to innovation touches on real-world technology case studies, challenges, and solutions. All meetings were held online, which allowed summit partners to make presentations and take part in discussions.

Computools had the opportunity to conduct a workshop on ‘Nordic-Ukrainian cooperation: The Definitive Strategy to Find a Reliable Software Development Partner for Your Business’.

During the presentation, company representatives shared their Nordic companies’ cooperation experience and highlighted several key points that should be considered.

The speakers talked in more detail about how to correctly build a strategy for mutually beneficial cooperation, demonstrated a deep understanding of the characteristics of the region and ways to meet and effectively solve challenges and issues. In an effort to comprehensively disclose the topic, Computools also shared possible pitfalls that Nordic companies can expect when seeking cooperation with Ukrainian developers.

Based on a successful case of collaboration, it was also shown how exactly the algorithm for building a cooperation strategy is implemented, what methodologies and techniques are used to achieve the set goals and fulfill obligations. It also allowed proving in practice the experience in innovation and the ability to create reliable, efficient, and non-standard solutions in difficult conditions.

For Computools, participating in the IT sourcing summit is an excellent opportunity to share its business, and management concepts. However, the core goal is to establish long-term partnerships that would effectively help business partners achieve their objectives through digital and innovative solutions.

The company also uses this opportunity to exchange experiences with other participants, learn about the latest IT innovations and practices for their application and implementation in business. Open dialogues and discussions on burning topics allow to establish contact, be on the same page, better understand the needs of potential partners, and demonstrate the expertise and competencies.

Computools is always ready to help solve challenges and achieve goals, apply its technological knowledge and skills to bypass obstacles and competitors. Find out more about the company’s capabilities by exploring case studies.

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