The Importance of Social Responsibility and Charity

Learn about Computools corporate social responsibility concept.

Jul 30, 2019

In an effort to change the world, make it better and more progressive through technology, it is important to remember that nothing can replace human kindness and mercy.

Today, charity is a fairly broad concept, as it includes sponsorship, patronage, donations, social responsibility and social investments. That is, the difference between all these forms of assistance is erased. Nevertheless, corporate social responsibility stands out. In essence, this is a company’s voluntary contribution to the development of the region and society, including the responsibility of a business partner, employer, citizen, and participant in social relations.

Assistance may be provided to various charity fonds and structures, targeted at organizations and institutions. The company can help children in need and families, schools and hospitals, animal shelters. Many modern businesses include ethics and social responsibility in their development strategies. Assistance is seen as an integral part of the growth of a company: the larger it becomes, the greater the responsibility it undertakes. Exactly, responsibility – the involvement in solving social problems.

Businesses can help volunteer charity work or set up their project. Assistance often begins with the most socially unprotected categories: orphans, low-income families, incapacitated and old people. It is important not only to provide them with the necessary things and material goods but also to provide psychological support. The purpose of charity events is to show that these people can count on outside help, they have not been forgotten. Giving love, care and attention is an integral part of all forms of charity.

A special place in social responsibility takes child care. Deprived of parental warmth for various reasons, they need more attention and care than others. Recently, Computools visited the Orekhov Regional Center for Children Social and Psychological Rehabilitation. Here children of different ages receive the necessary psychological assistance after occurring in difficult situations. Psychologists and mentors take care of them 24/7. The Computools team gathered the necessary clothes and shoes for children. Toys, an inflatable pool and a bicycle so that they can play and spend time carefree were also brought. Besides, money was also raised that allowed to buy stationery for school and art.

Being socially responsible means targeted and regularly help to organizations and needy categories of society. To be truly involved in the life of your charges. Computools holds such events regularly, due to kindness is one of its key values.


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