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Introduce a powerful video chat. Hold effective remote meetings, conferences, lessons, and much more

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Mykhailo Bobrovskyi

Architect at Computools

Viktoria Ruban

Viktoria Ruban

BA at Computools

About The Platform

The Video Chat Accelerator is a pre-developed architecture that you can adjust to allow your users to hold meetings in specified chat rooms on mobile or desktop. This accelerator is perfect for online classes, conferences, meetings, and anything else where there’s a need for video chat or streaming capabilities.

Video Chat Accelerator

Video Сhat

Collect individuals in a quality space where they can collaborate with each other, share documents, pictures, and other content. If needed, use the Accelerator to build an environment for multiple groups to have their own chat rooms.

Video Chat Accelerator


Deploy a powerful conferencing tool. Establish a place inside your solution where users can share ideas, provide group lessons, have large meetings, discussions, etc. The conference function is built for large groups that may have many passive participants.

The Video Chat Accelerator Is Easily Customizable and Scalable in the Following Niches:

Online Schools
Dating Applications
Health Institutions
Educational Institutions
Support Services
Consulting Services
Real Estate Agencies
Law Firms

Major Benefits

This data is based on statistics collected before and after the implementation and customization of the Video Chat Accelerator for our customers

Key Advantages

Get more by using a pre-developed accelerator that’s stable and designed for further development.
Give your customers the convenience of an advanced solution.
Pay just once and get a fully-functional video chat solution that you can use to improve communication between you, your team, partners, and customers.
Scale your business and increase user interactions.
Capture a wide audience with advanced collaborative possibilities.

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