Delivery Strategy Consulting

Optimize product delivery processes by implementing modern strategies for development, deployment, and maintenance

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Computools has expertise a wide range of consulting services in delivery optimization and we will develop a personalized strategy based on your goals and objectives.

01. Agile software development

Computools’s experts in agile methodologies can craft a strategy for software delivery optimization. Implement agile practices into different teams and help them:

  • Avoid mistakes and optimize budget.
  • Increase development productivity.
  • Follow systematic agile development.
  • Increase process transparency for senior management.

By following our strategies for agile development, you can both increase the return on investment (ROI) of your product and reduce time-to-market while receiving quicker feedback for future development.

02. Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD)

We consult companies that are on their way to implementing CI/CD and seek consistency and speed in software development and delivery.

Computools can:

  • Choose and implement the right CI/CD system based on the capabilities of your company and business goals
  • Identify key performance indicators, performance goals, and analytics
  • Outline the business drivers for CI/CD implementation
  • Plan a CI/CD pipeline (build, test, release, deploy, validation)

03. Performance automation strategy

Improve your software delivery pipeline by implementing modern automation strategies and tools.

We will set up automation tools that are relevant for your company and the projects you’re working on. Be it code generation, security, testing, or monitoring, the right automation tools will help you enhance productivity, prevent errors, and as a result, speed up delivery.



Implementing and adjusting various DevOps practices into your processes will optimize software delivery and guarantee the following:



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