Computools ideology

All aspects of the Computools’s activity are underpinned by the key values and principles which form the foundation of the company and each of us follows them closely and diligently.

Delivering on promises

Honest and thorough execution is paramount. If Computools agreed on something, the only way forward is to deliver or renegotiate and never break a promise.


Computools makes agreements to be mutually beneficial.

Outcome-Based Thinking

Computools establishes the goal first, deconstruct it into tasks and only then execute

100% responsibility principle

Computools is responsible for our actions and their outcomes. We seek solutions and ways to execute and deliver and don't seek excuses or wallow in self-pity.

Respectful and demanding

Computools expresses our views on work topics respectfully and openly. We do not allow ourselves to accumulate negative thoughts; Computools knows that constructive discussion leads to improvement; Computools team facilitate the discussion to achieve full resolution.

Reap What You Sow

Computools Team treats the others as we wish to be treated: with dignity and respect.


Each employee of Computools is proactive in his or she works and offers their support to other peers.


Clarity and specifics are Computools motto. Best outcomes are achieved with clarity which does not require additional explanations.

Kindness (do not be evil)

Computools gives back to the society which allowed us to achieve success.


Computools employees are in a place where they truly enjoy the work they do.

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