Computools’s Values

Computools’s policy, effectiveness, ability to perform comfortably, and all other aspects of the company's life are based on key values ​​and principles. Since the beginning, these values ​​are the foundation from which we do not depart, not a single step.

Focus on People

Create Win-Win Agreements

We always make mutually beneficial agreements to build long-term relationships and make working together more comfortable.

Be Respectful (with People Around You)

When expressing our views, delegating tasks, or working with team members, Computools do it with dignity, respect, without arrogance.

Be Kind to Society

Kindness is a part of the creative process, while animosity takes energy and destroys.

Openness and Problem Solving

Be Open

We strive to be open and respectful when communicating and expressing our point of view on work-related issues to reach a consensus together. We are always ready to listen to the other side and politely discuss the question or situation.

Speak Concisely and Clearly

We believe that expressing thoughts in a concrete and understandable manner leads to achieving more effective results. We strive to put ourselves in the interlocutor's place.

Clarify to Make it Clear

We ask as many questions as necessary to make the picture more precise, understandable, and transparent; to synchronize the vision with the client. We have faith that clarity brings strength, and, hence, leads to a higher probability of victory.

Be Proactive and Take the Initiative

The initiative is in exceeding standards and expectations. We are proactive in solving work-related issues, supporting teamwork, and offering support to our clients, staff, and partners.


Be Focused on the Results

We are true to our ideas and our word, and thanks to perseverance, we always get the job done.

Think Z to A

We establish goals first, and from there, deconstruct them to build tasks and then execute on those tasks. We don't act superficially.

Enjoy Getting Results

We hire people to positions that we know they will enjoy and work well in.

Taking on Risks

Be a Champion in Applying New Technologies

In our work, we apply new technologies to achieve results.

Create New Technologies

Our passion for research and the creation of new technologies goes beyond the risks of failure in this process, which is why we innovate and succeed.

Be Reliable

At Computools, we believe in the responsibility we all share in executing a project. Each team member and partner plays an important role in achieving the end goal. We are always looking to solve problems before they occur.

Trust and Integrity

Deliver on Promises

We believe that the most important thing is an honestly and conscientiously fulfilled agreement. If we agree to something, that means we do our absolute best to deliver what we promised, on time.


Computools will guide your company through a digital transformation.