Computools’ Values

Computools’ policy, effectiveness, ability to perform comfortably, and all other aspects of the company's life are based on key values ​​and principles. Since the beginning, these values ​​are the foundation from which we do not depart, not a single step

We Are Focused on People

  1. We create win-win agreements

    We always make mutually beneficial agreements to build long-term relationships and make working together more comfortable.

  2. We are respectful to the people around us

    We respect everyone and treat them with dignity.

  3. We are reliable

    We are the stone wall that protects everyone around us.

  4. We deliver on promises

    We understand that the most important thing is an honest and conscientiously fulfilled agreement.

We Resolve Issues Openly

  1. We are open

    We openly and respectfully highlight the issues we face during our day-to-day work and express our points of view. As a team, we reach a consensus.

  2. We speak concisely and clearly

    We communicate with the purpose of solid understanding.

  3. We clarify to make it clear

    We make sure that those we communicate with have a good understanding of what our goals are.

  4. We take initiative in resolving issues

    We achieve better results by exceeding standards and expectations. We take the initiative in work-related issuessee more keep reading

    , maintain a mutually supportive spirit, and ask how we can help.

We Are Effective

  1. We are focused on results

    We are true to our word, and with persistence, we always complete our tasks.

  2. We think Z to A

    We establish a goal first, and from there we deconstruct it to build tasks and then execute those tasks.

  3. We enjoy getting results

    We are in positions where we enjoy achieving the goals assigned to us.

We Are Disciplined

  1. We never do today what we can do now

    We complete all tasks as they appear or schedule them immediately if we’re already completing another task.

  2. We are better today than we were yesterday

    Every day, hour after hour, we continuously improve our skills and become more accurate in our actions.


12 reasons why

Whether we’re designing customer experiences, dealing with our clients or managing our teams, we lead with empathy. Technology is for everyone, not just the geeks. That’s why we focus on using clear, intelligible language, treating every stakeholder with respect and providing support at all stages of development. By starting with a shared understanding of what makes us all human, we’re able to create the favorable conditions necessary to develop our best-in-class solutions.