Computools’s Values

Efficiency, comfort and quality are all key aspects of life at Computools. These values ​and principles are the foundation of the company. I promise to uphold and respect Computools’s core values.

Deliver on Promises

If we agree on something, that means we do our absolute best to deliver what we promised on time and in good work.

Create Win-Win Agreements

We always make mutually beneficial agreements.

Think Z to A

We establish the goals first, and from there deconstruct them to build tasks and then execute on those tasks.

Be Reliable

At Computools we believe in the responsibility we all share in executing a project. Each team member and partner play an important role in achieving the end goal. We’re proactive, not reactive and are always looking to solve problems before they occur.

Be Respectful

When expressing our views, delegating tasks or working with team members we do it respectfully. At Computools we stand firm in the belief that everyone has a right to feel safe and respected at work.

Follow the Principle: One for All and All for One

Follow the Principle: One for All and All for One The best results come from teamwork and collaboration. We strive everyday to complete tasks by creating an atmosphere that promotes productivity through working together.

Be Better Today than You Were Yesterday

At Computools we draw conclusions from past bottlenecks and adjust our actions to provide higher-value results. Everyday we work towards self improvement and enhancing the way we operate.

Be Proactive

The initiative is in exceeding standards and expectations. We are proactive in solving issues, supporting teamwork and offering support to our staff and partners.

Speak Concisely and Clearly

It is extremely important that communication is clear and understandable. When we deliver tasks we do it clearly.

Ask Questions Until Everything is Clear

We ask as many questions as we need to until we understand completely. More clarity equals smoother cooperation and smoother cooperation leads to a win-win for everyone.

Don’t be Evil

We remember who’s helped us in the past and we do our best to do our part in giving back to society.

Enjoy Your Work

We hire people to positions that we know they’ll enjoy and work well in.

Never Do Today What You Can Do Now

Starting a task is the first step to completing it. At Computools there’s a strong ideology against procrastination.

Grow in Intelligence but Don’t Lose a Sense of Humor

To achieve results, our attention has to be focused for long hours. Humor is an essential part of being comfortable. This approach allows us to maintain energy and light moods while completing complex and mundane tasks.


Computools will guide your company through a digital transformation.