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Support Integrations Services

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Computools offers integration services with customer support systems to reduce customer frustration and attrition, increase transparency, and improve overall communication processes for better customer service:

Support Integrations Services


Twilio is a cloud communications platform that allows customer support teams to send and receive text and voice messages and make and receive phone calls and faxes. Through the Twilio API, you can quickly provide customers with additional information about products or services and help them resolve issues.

Support Integrations Services


Intercom helps customer support teams understand their customers’ needs and how best to meet them. Integrating Intercom with your software can help deliver intelligent product decisions by giving insights into how people use your app or product to keep product updates more valuable and relevant.

Support Integrations Services


ZenDesk automates customer service tasks like responding to chats, email inquiries, and social media posts. This software increases revenue by offering upsells and cross-sells in your self-service interface. Another big plus is the integration can also connect with your CRM to give your sales and marketing team additional information about customer behavior.

Support Integrations Services


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