A reminder system that notifies the user to take medication at a preset time.

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Our client, a healthcare company, needed an effective tool for transplant patients to adhere to their medication regimens. Our team helped by developing an app with a modernised system that simplifies medication schedules. Computools assisted in achieving significant business benefits, including increased user throughput, order value, productivity, and revenue, while reducing costs and automating business processes.


The client is a representative of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry in the United States. They deeply understand the problem the project addresses and are interested in additional aspects, such as education and positive reinforcement for medication adherence.


The project’s primary aim was to address the crucial need for timely medication adherence, especially for individuals dealing with various diseases and post-procedural recovery. Recognising the importance of strict medication schedules, the project focused on creating an application to remind patients to take their next dose of medicine accurately at the required time. The project aimed to make the medication schedule process enjoyable and straightforward. Users could easily download the application from the marketplace.


We created an attractive and interactive design and used NodeJS, Parse Server and MongoDB technologies to create a system that offers an optimal user experience and effectively addresses the competition in the healthcare app market.

The main flow of the project included essential features such as scheduling immunosuppression medications, a notifications system, a gamification system for rewarding users who took medications on time, and the integration of educational information. The application also featured an alarm system, a comprehensive medications list, an email medications system, a Contact Us system for user support, and flexible dose and time control options.


In the development process, ready-made solutions and individual developments for some tasks were applied. The finished application’s intuitive and catchy design has attracted the attention of a wide audience. Thus, the project goals were fully achieved. A key achievement was building an application that would reach the widest audience interested in taking meds on a schedule.


The client chose Computools as the development partner for the project for several key reasons. Computools provides highly qualified services in modernisation and software development. The Computools team has extensive experience creating innovative healthcare solutions, demonstrated by successful project implementations in this domain.

Furthermore, Computools stands out for its project management approach and communication strategies. Scrum methods ensure high efficiency, transparency and flexibility throughout the development process. The company actively involves the client, providing step-by-step feedback and accommodating changes in the project. Computools was the preferred choice for the client, who valued high professionalism and adaptability in realising their healthcare project.

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The client needed a partner with experience in healthcare and pharmaceuticals to develop an application addressing medication adherence challenges in transplant patients.

Approach to solution

When choosing a team to work on the project, the client adopted a careful approach. The client evaluated several potential partners based on their expertise and past work. Computools stood out because of its successful projects in healthcare and its understanding of the industry’s unique challenges, especially in creating solutions for medication management.

Computools’ transparent and collaborative approach to project management, using methodologies like Scrum, also matched the client’s expectations. Computools was chosen because we have the expertise, experience, and proven record of delivering successful healthcare projects.

Computools role

We participated in the project as both generalists and specialists. Computools provided end-to-end development services, focusing on creating a robust backend using Node.js and MongoDB and designing an interactive and user-friendly interface. We ensured seamless integration of essential features such as a notification system, medication lists, and user support functions, delivering a comprehensive solution for the client.

Key decisions and outcomes

TransMeds, the application developed, stands out with its interactive and appealing design, setting it apart from similar apps and aiming to reach a broader audience. The application employs a notification system to ensure individuals do not forget to take their required medications precisely when needed.


Creating a catchy and attractive design was an important part of the project. UX/UI designers have created a customised application design to reach a wide audience of users. During development, user experience came first, as usability was one of the key needs of the target audience.

transmeds user persona


Crafting detailed profiles of target users for precise design and development.


Organising the website's structure for intuitive navigation and user experience.

transmeds wireframes


Creating skeletal outlines of web pages to plan layout and functionality.

transmeds user interface


Designing the visual elements and interactive features for seamless user interactions.



Application development is conducted as efficiently as possible according to the agile methodology. Scrum was chosen for this project, and the workflow was divided into convenient segments—sprints. During the sprint, code was developed in the task frame. At the end of the sprint, all participants in the project carried out a check and sent a report on the work done. This allowed errors and bugs to be identified and eliminated in the early stages, ensuring the developed code’s stability, purity, and high performance.

The key benefits of using Scrum are the quicker release of a useable product to users and customers, higher quality, higher productivity, lower costs, greater ability to incorporate changes as they occur, better employee morale and better user satisfaction.



transmeds project timeline


Since implementing the TransMeds app, we have seen an increase in medication adherence among our transplant patients. The app is easy to use and reminds patients when to take their meds. We have also used the app to educate patients about their medications and the importance of adherence. Computools' expertise in healthcare app development is striking! They were able to understand our unique needs and challenges and create a solution that met all of our expectations.

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