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About The Platform

A Marketplace Solutions Kit is a special template for a platform that provides the ability to build custom apps, where the customer can compare and purchase goods and/or services from numerous suppliers online. The kit consists of the core, a set of ready-made plug-ins (PayPal, Stripe) and a demo stand to display available functions.

This is a simple, elegant and effective way to avoid many problems associated with creating a marketplace from scratch. Using solutions kits allow you to get a profitable reliable product with all the necessary features. The core benefit of this kit is it's a tool that will allow you to create a custom system with a superior efficiency compared to non-specialized tools.

Major Benefits

reduction in development time;
cost reduction;
less risk of unforeseen problems;
increase in the speed of adding new options;
reduction in the cost of adding new options.
This data is based on the statistics collected before and after the implementation and development processes of marketplaces for our clients.

Key Advantages

You get a fully customizable and unique product.
It can be adjusted to any app groups such as, goods, services, investment, crowdfunding, etc.
The marketplace gives you the opportunity to get access to a wide variety of sellers and products, satisfying customer demands.
It is easier to compare and sort goods in one application without the need to address issues to different sellers.
A wider audience helps grow business into new markets, which attracts more sellers to the platform.

Would Be Beneficial To

Startups with ideas for their marketplace.
Small and medium size businesses with existing online stores which are looking to scale their services for their marketplace.
Small and medium size businesses which want to upgrade their marketplace.
Governments or other organizations that control/influence laws.
Would Be Beneficial To Enterprises that strive to build, deploy and power robust marketplaces globally.

High-level Goals


  • Quick launch;
  • Getting expertise in marketplace domain (acknowledge risks and problems, ability to view the demo version);
  • Reducing costs.

Small and medium size businesses without a marketplace:

  • Turnaround leverage with new channels
    • Creating new channels;
    • Ability to manipulate new channels.
  • Improving brand presence on the market;
  • Getting expertise in marketplace building (acknowledge risks and problems, ability to view the demo version);
  • Reducing costs;
  • Integration with an existing system.

Small and medium size businesses with an existing marketplace:

  • Flexibility - the ability to add new features quickly;
  • Integration with an already existing system;
  • Short time-to-market delivery of new features;
  • Scalability.


  • Instant conversions and sales: faster business growth, increased revenue, more customer satisfaction;
  • A high degree of business process automation (commissions processing);
  • Building trust and respect for the brand, which will last for years.

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