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Ivan Kachan

BA at Computools

Evgeny Mokhnachev

Full Cross Stack Developer
at Computools

About The Platform

A Marketplace Solutions Kit is a special template for a platform that provides the ability to build custom apps, where the customer can compare and purchase goods and/or services from numerous suppliers online. The kit consists of the core, a set of ready-made plug-ins (PayPal, Stripe) and a demo stand to display available functions.

This is a simple, elegant and effective way to avoid many problems associated with creating a marketplace from scratch. Using solutions kits allow you to get a profitable reliable product with all the necessary features. The core benefit of this kit is that it allows you to create a custom system with a superior efficiency compared to average eCommerce solutions.

Major Benefits

This data is based on the statistics collected before and after the implementation and development our clients' marketplaces

Key Advantages

Get a fully customizable and unique product.
Adjust it to any app groups such as goods, services, investments, crowdfunding, etc.
Satisfy customer demands with access to a wide variety of sellers and products.
Compare and sort goods in one application without the need to address issues to different sellers.
Aquire a larger audience in different markets and attract more sellers to the platform.

Would Be Beneficial To

High-level Goals

  • Quick launch to market
  • Marketplace and domain expertise
  • Reduced costs on development
Small and medium size businesses without a marketplace
  • Leveraging growth with new channels
  • Creation
  • Editing/Adjusting
  • Improving brand presence on the market
  • IT consulting through the development of the new marketplace
  • Reducing costs associated with development
  • Integrating with an existing system(s)
Small and medium size businesses with an existing marketplace
  • Flexibility – add, edit and remove features
  • Integration – integrate with existing systems
  • Fast delivery – launch new features quickly
  • Scalability – implement a system that grows with your business
  • Instant conversions and sales – take advantage of faster business growth, increased revenue and greater customer satisfaction
  • Automation – implement business process automation (BPA) in areas that enhance efficiency
  • Brand awareness – increase brand trust, respect and recognition that lasts

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