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Take advantage of Computools`s solution for digital banking to reduce development costs, eliminate bugs, and cut development time by 15%

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Oleg Svet

CDO at Computools

About The Platform

The accelerator for digital banking by Computools is a solution template for web and app platforms that includes essential functions and features required for a stellar digital banking experience. Our ready-made solutions include intuitive profile management dashboards both for customers and employees, analytical tools based on machine learning, chatbots, authorization and registrations forms, integrations of payments, and other crucial banking services.

Reduce costs and development time with Computools’s accelerator. Get the opportunity to customize box features while creating new ones more seamlessly.

Technologies used: Flutter, React, TypeScript, Angular.

Major Benefits

Easily customize this box solution to the following business niches:

Regional banks
Community development banks
Financial management solution providers
Financial institutions
Other financial services providers


Key features and advantages

Quickly integrate critical banking services such as accessing bank accounts, processing transactions, updating user accounts and other financial records, performing customer relationship management (CRM), etc.
Supplement existing functionality with other highly-customizable banking and non-banking services.
Use integrated data analytics tools to create customized offers for clients. This will improve the service and give additional opportunities for the development of the bank's infrastructure.
Get a product capable of consistently processing large volumes of data.

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