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Computools became a member of an exclusive private community – Deso Club.

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Sep 20, 2022

The search for reliable business partners is one of the key factors for successful business development. Now Computools has got an exclusive opportunity to contact already verified companies. This became possible by joining the Deso Club.

Deso Club is a private business community. The main principle of the club is trust. A new member of the community provides only reliable data about himself. Moreover, each new member must be recommended by an existing one. By following this rule, a reliable business partnership is ensured.

Among the rules of the club, there are several more that make cooperation in business comfortable and effective. Such as openness and adherence to a code of ethics for communication. These principles confirm that the club members are ready for international mutually beneficial cooperation and respect all participants in the relationship.

The founders of the club carefully make sure that all members (especially novice) are familiar with the rules, privacy policies and terms & conditions of the community. Studying related documentation is one of the first responsibilities of the participants. And of course, everyone is required to comply with the rules and regulations of the club. For example, direct advertising of one’s business is permissible only in a personal profile, and spamming is prohibited.

By creating a comfortable atmosphere, partnership in business is established much faster. However, the basis should always be the mutual desire of both participants. Moreover, the club plans to host exclusive events for members around the world. This will ensure joint interaction and inspiration of other businessmen for new achievements.

Another principle of the club, which is conformable to the basic Computools principles is business excellence. The pursuit for excellence, to do everything at the highest level and strive for the goal until success is achieved is the basis for the implementation of innovative company’s projects. Membership in the club will help to realize new business ideas with reliable partners around the world. Moreover, being among like-minded businessmen, albeit from other industries, serves as an additional motivation and stimulation.

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