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Information technology has long become an integral part of everyday life and the key to the successful and productive functioning of many businesses. IT is successfully used to optimize internal processes, modernize reporting systems, planning and many other purposes. However, a wide variety of tools and approaches has led to confusion and misunderstanding which technologies and tools may be suitable for specific tasks and companies. IT consulting services allow to investigate needs and determine the optimal solutions for identified challenges.

This is a comprehensive service that allows to identify weaknesses in the company’s work, pitfalls in internal processes and outdated procedures. Thanks to the experience and expertise IT consultants help to increase the productivity and effectiveness of the company, implement the necessary updates that save money and time. Moreover, company employees are freed from routine and can devote themselves to more creative tasks.

This is how Computools provide robust IT consulting services. First of all, the company is focused on strategic advisory on technology based on your company’s goals and requirements. Specialists strive to create a profitable IT strategy that allows you to get the maximum return on investment in technology.

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It all starts with defining goals. This is a multi-stage stage that allows you to conduct an in-depth analysis and draw the right conclusions based on the data. Computools’s experts examine the project idea and identify key goals.

The next step is to identify all stakeholders of the project, clear and hidden, which can directly or indirectly affect the company’s product or service. For example, they can affect the profit of the company, the work of a specific department, or simply require compliance with certain regulatory standards – all this must be taken into account. These may include state and international regulatory authorities, public organizations, and other non-obvious participants.

It is important to determine the goals of all interested parties, and then adjust the main goals taking to account the objectives of the stakeholders. This is necessary to minimize differences in the vision of the project and to carry out further work in the right direction. It is crucial for Computools to stay on the same page with the client.

Next, the Computools’s team works with expectations: defines the primary and main expectations of the client. This helps to synchronize the vision of the project between the company and the client. Then, experts determine all User Roles and main User Stores.

The company provides a competitive advantage and seeks to reduce the risk of possible errors by providing access to industry information and its experience in a particular field.

An important component of this stage is the creation of a strong communication system that guarantees mutual understanding and constant communication between the team and the client. To do this, a glossary of project terms is formed. Computools also records meeting results in a summary and prepares agendas for each meeting. This information is available to all project participants, which saves time and reduces both the human factor and its negative impact. Moreover, common industrial terminology is used during project work, which helps reduce the risk of misunderstanding. At the end of this stage, a complete list of roles is formed.

Analysis and exploration are the next stages of IT Consulting Services. It is structured to a few more stages and steps that allow to build an efficient IT strategy for a particular client.

Here, the company conducts research in several areas: explores the solutions and technologies that are used by competitors; conducts additional research of client groups to clarify the objectives of the project; analyzes ready-made solutions available on the market, determines their real advantages and disadvantages. Based on the collected base and project objectives, a detailed list of user stories is compiled for each role and decomposed to user cases. A tree of user roles, stories and cases is visualized through the MindMap.

Then Computools’s team defines key and potential restrictions and offers solutions for them. Restrictions may include system license and other legal requirements, corporate policies, localizations, the peak number of users online, or permissible downtime. Different requirements also can be an obstacle, like requirements for fault tolerance or requirements to scalability based on potential user base growth. The experts take into account requirements to system expansion speed (modularity, extensibility, code reusability), requirements to delivery speed (release delivery speed, speed of certain groups of fixes, replacement speed of certain content or logic). A special place in the research is occupied by requirements for security level: system access security level; a level of software protection from solution-vendor (operating systems, application servers, VM, etc.); DDoS protection; data encryption in storage; user-data protection; phishing protection; protection against unique content-copying; security analysis of third-party dependencies and other additional options.

During work on the project company also pay attention to determining sizes and types of information that will be stored, repository security requirements and system response speed (average and minimum, common and at certain critical points of the system). Then, specialists explore and make a list of end-user devices (device types, operating systems, input device screen extensions, etc.) and a server device list of client’s businesses to which transfer may be required. The last but not least restrictions that are explored: requirements to external protocols, formats and interfaces; reliability requirements; system support features and domain-specific restrictions and requirements. General UI and UX design requirements are also analyzed and explored at this stage. In the end, the experts identify main transitive requirements, such as migration, learning complexity and speed, and foremost risks.

The collected data and research results form the basis of the future strategy. Using their wide expertise and knowledge in different industries, Computools’s specialists provide comprehensive IT consultations to clients in various areas. Explore the company’s IT consulting service and contact a specialist via email to find out how your company can succeed with this service.

Computools is an IT Consulting and Software Solutions Development company that helps businesses innovate faster by building the digital solutions or bringing the tech products to market sooner. Discover our collaborative approach and industry expertise that spans finance, retail, healthcare, consumer services and more.

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