CSR Report 2019 Overview

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Oct 30, 2022

Computools corporate social responsibility consists of activities aimed at improving the welfare of each employee, maintaining a healthy and productive atmosphere in the team, providing high-quality services to consumers. Moreover, the company’s activities include charity and sponsorship of young IT innovators, popularization of IT education, and anti-corruption.

The company strives to create favorable conditions for its employees to increase their motivation and teamwork efficiency. For this purpose, the internal company culture that regulates work processes and non-working activities has been developed. The company’s culture is based on core values, following which leads the company to success and prosperity.

Computools pays attention to ethics and social responsibility as well as the welfare of each employee, ensuring equal conditions for all, regardless of gender, age, nationality and religion. So, for example, the company has long been cooperating with a major tour operator that provides the best prices for tours and flights. Each employee has access to this service.

Sports and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are also highly valued by the company. Employees can purchase a gym membership, play football weekly, or visit the gym room in the office. Every summer, the company organizes active collective travels.

The company also promotes team building events. Every two months, funds are allocated for visiting various places: quest rooms, bowling, theater, sports competitions, etc. These types of informal communication allow team members to get to know each other better, to learn how to interact in various situations. This enhances team cohesion, helps in solving complex problems and encouraging to implement profitable business ideas.

Continuous training and increased expert knowledge of employees among the mandatory Computools programs. Inside the company, training lectures and seminars are held to share experience and acquire new knowledge. Besides, each employee can undergo external training and receive a certificate of advanced vocational training. Such training will be paid by the company. A special intern program has been developed at Computools, which allows beginners to work on innovative projects with highly skilled specialists.

The company also offers English lessons, which are held directly in the office. Computools pays half the cost of the lessons.

The adaptation of a new employee in the company is also important. After passing the interview and hiring, a new employee gets access to all the internal knowledge of the company. Each newcomer can count on timely and necessary assistance from colleagues and HR.

The company is also responsible for its partners and consumers. Computools guarantees the high quality of services and finished products, carefully monitors the fulfillment of the agreed requirements at each stage of cooperation.

It is a well-known fact that companies with corporate social responsibility stimulate positive change not only in business and financials but in lots of other social areas, making possible to create a friendly environment for future generations.

Social responsibility in business means a company has a duty to act in the best interests of its environment and society as a whole. Important aspects of the company’s work are charity, work with youth and anti-corruption. Full information on the company’s activities in all of the above-mentioned areas can be found in the report.

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