Computools at Ecommerce Warsaw Expo 2023: Embracing E-commerce’s Future

We share key highlights from Computools' participation at Ecommerce Warsaw Expo 2023, where we collaborated with industry leaders in e-commerce and delved into the future prospects of this sector.

October 27, 2023
Poland, Warsaw

Computools attended the Ecommerce Warsaw Expo 2023, which took place on 27 October 2023. This highly regarded event, focusing on the e-commerce sector, was a platform for knowledge sharing and networking.

Representing Computools at this significant event was our Customer Relationship Director at Computools West EU: Digital Transformation & Product Development, Oleg Stepanov. Oleg actively contributed to discussions that delved into the most critical and cutting-edge trends in the e-commerce industry.

Ecommerce Warsaw Expo 2023 was a goldmine of industry insights. It featured an impressive lineup of participants, including industry giants such as DHL Parcel, FedEx Express, OLX, InPost, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions and Meest International Sp. z o.o. Their presence showcased the event’s significance as a hub for e-commerce thought leaders. 

Our participation at Ecommerce Warsaw Expo 2023 was not just about gaining insights but also forging valuable connections. We engaged with industry peers, exchanged ideas with like-minded professionals and explored potential partnerships that could drive innovation in the e-commerce space.

As a forward-thinking company, Computools is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of industry trends. Our presence at this event is a testament to our commitment to continuous learning, staying ahead of the curve and delivering the most advanced solutions to our clients.

In a rapidly evolving industry, Computools continues to lead the way, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation.

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