Computools Experts Enticed the Attendees at Computools’s Hospitality-Driving Automation Event

Computools recently hosted an online event, Hospitality-Driving Automation: Complete Guide, that focused on implementing automation and digitalization within the hospitality industry, featuring Computols’s experts who shared their insights and experiences on hotel management, restaurant automation, and digital tools for online ordering and inventory management.

April 20, 2023

Computools hosted its recent online event, Hospitality-Driving Automation: Complete Guide. The event focused on implementing automation and digitalization within the hospitality industry. Computools’s experts shared their insights and experiences.

Yaroslava Hudym, Head of Hospitality and Finance Industries at Computools, discussed the importance of integrated software to accelerate process optimization for hotel guests and businesses. She emphasized the significance of digital solutions in hotel management, such as real-time room occupancy tracking and streamlined guest check-in procedures.

Waleed Khalid, Head of Digital Innovation at Computools, spoke about the importance of automation in the restaurant industry. He highlighted the benefits of digital tools for online ordering, inventory management, and kitchen automation.

Oleg Svet, Chief Delivery Officer at Computools and an expert in the digitalization field answered attendees’ questions regarding various hospitality technology topics. He also discussed the benefits and drawbacks of external payment systems versus in-house systems, highlighting the importance of considering the security and comfort of use when making a decision.

In addition, Oleg provided a unique solution to the question of manual validation of guests’ documents at reception, suggesting the implementation of facial recognition technology to automate the process. He also spoke about using hypothesis testing in business intelligence and the potential for automating ingredient exclusions in restaurant dishes.

The Computools event was well received by attendees, generating lively discussion. Overall, Hospitality-Driving Automation: Complete Guide brought together Computools’s experts and provided valuable insights into the future of the hospitality industry.

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