Computools Empowers Innovation at Oslo Innovation Week 2023

Discover how Computools expanded horizons and connections at Oslo Innovation Week 2023.

September 25, 2023
Norway, Oslo

Computools participated in the well-known Oslo Innovation Week 2023. This dynamic event brought together over 15,000 professionals from around the world to discuss groundbreaking ideas, innovations and the future of various industries.

Under the representation of Alex Palieshko, Customer Relationship Director at Computools Nordic: Digital Transformation & Product Development, we attended a series of workshops, seminars and networking events, delving into critical topics such as sustainability, the climate crisis, global business expansion and diversity. The knowledge exchange fostered new connections and potential partnerships with like-minded individuals and organisations.

In the heart of the vibrant city of Oslo, we discovered unique opportunities to engage with global thought leaders and innovators. The event’s diverse and informal networking environment allowed the company to share experiences, insights and inspiration.

“Oslo Innovation Week showcased the pioneering spirit and determination of individuals and companies shaping our collective future,” said Alex Palieshko. “As a company dedicated to staying ahead of industry trends, we found this event to be both enlightening and invigorating.”

As Computools continues to push the boundaries of digital transformation and product development, our participation in Oslo Innovation Week reaffirms our commitment to innovation and global collaboration.

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