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About The Business Intelligence Accelerator

The Business Intelligence Accelerator by Computools is automation software that helps consolidate all company processes in one comprehensive environment. It can be easily integrated with any internal system and it can use common or specific data entry forms, like Basecamp, Google Sheets, Redmine, Jira, etc. The key idea is that primary data should only be entered one time. By automating business processes with an Business Intelligence Accelerator and point-to-point integration, all applications can seamlessly work together. The Business Intelligence Accelerator can be customized to automatically calculate and visualize KPIs as numbers and graphs in Solid Complete Timely Comparative Information (SCTCI) format, making understanding data easier. Track statistics in real time and automatically generate reports, while saving time for other, more important tasks. Implement your very own Business Intelligence Accelerator for better control and insight into your working processes.

Business Intelligence Accelerator

The Business Intelligence Accelerator Is Easily Adapted and Customized to the Needs of the Following Business Niches:

Media and Entertainment
Logistics and Supply Chain

Major Benefits

Get data visualization to support management decisions

Innovative Advisory Service

Use the supplementary AI advisor along with the Business Intelligence Accelerator for efficient decision making. It shows warnings and sends notifications along with reports and can be customized and adjusted to the needs of various departments. The AI advisor is useful for making difficult decisions when a specialist needs predictive functionality or an accurate assessment of various alternatives. Use this system for analyzed assessments, findings based on data, and other limitations humans have in decision making. Analyze any situation better and come to a more rational and modern solution.

Request to Internal Support

Use the supplementary built-in assistant along with the Business Intelligence Accelerator to automate the processing of employee requests. If there’s a need for new equipment or repairs, an employee can quickly issue a request to the system administrator. The built-in assistant will notify the person in charge of the new application, and the applicant will be able to track the status of their application. Save a significant amount of time and speed up the processing of internal requests.

Key Advantages

Get a tool for deep analysis and track productivity, profitability, and business performance in real time.
Save time for more important tasks with a built-in system for automatic reporting.
Make more rational and modern decisions with the help of the AI advisor's real-time analyses.
Centralize information from all storage facilities and transform it into a single format.
Achieve a higher level of efficiency by having the information necessary to identify the company's strengths and weaknesses.
Improve the quality of data-driven decisions.
Conduct an objective assessment of the company's investments.
Improve communication within the company with the help of automated information exchange.
Improve customer experience through better service and more effective, data-driven marketing campaigns.
Minimize errors caused by the human factor when working with data.
Ensure the protection of confidential information and data.


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