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Knock, And It Shall Be Opened To You

Computools helps the younger generation to master modern robot technologies.

Apr 23, 2018

On April 14 and 15, the second All-Ukrainian festival “ROBOfirst – more than robots” took place in the Ukrainian House in Kiev. Young Ukrainians with the help of robotics solved the problems of water on Earth in the framework of the global international project “Water and Man.” During the festival, two of the world’s largest robotics competitions were held – the FIRST LEGO League Junior All-Ukrainian Festival for children 6-10 years old and the FIRST LEGO League All-Ukrainian Championship for children 10-16 years old.

More than 1000 contestants from all over Ukraine took part in the competition. The team of Bogdanovskaya secondary school I-III steps “Sap terra” took part in the festival. The performance of the sapterrians was successful – the second place in the “Research” nomination. Innovative sponsor of the school team, Computools, supported and helped the students, providing them with equipment and fully taking on the necessary expenses.

Being a successful IT company, Computools is closely following not only the development of modern technologies that transform the world of business and entertainment but is also constantly looking for talented specialists. Work for the future is also part of the company’s development strategy.

The desire for continuous growth, as well as the desire to contribute to a noble cause – the education of children and teenagers – was the cause of the help of the Bogdanovskaya secondary school “Sap terra”. The Computools CEO Sergey Timchuk himself was once a graduate of this educational institution and it was natural for him to assist his potential future colleagues.

Participation in such a large-scale competition is stressful for participants and a huge responsibility for their captains and mentors. Within the theme of the contest, the guys chose a project that solved a problem that is relevant for their area – lack of drinking water; and came up with an innovative solution – the establishment of an autonomous robotic water treatment plant. The project was named “Own water”.

The team turned out to be multifaceted and of different ages: students from different classes worked on the same project.

The team turned out to be multifaceted and of different ages: students from different classes worked on the same project. This was a challenge for the leaders of the robotics group at the school, but in the end, this was overcome – with the passion for the idea, the children found a common language and were able to interact without conflict.

One of the main problems of rural schools is the lack of resources. This also applies to outdated equipment, and the lack of training materials, and mentors who could devote students to the secrets of the world of IT. Come up with an idea and make a plan for its implementation – this is just the beginning of the path. After all, you need to find materials and tools to transform ideas into reality.

Computools defray part of the expenses of the team of participants of the festival of robotics, paying for the trip to all its participants. This provided an opportunity for schoolchildren to take part in an international competition and challenge other equally enthusiastic young engineers. They were able to believe in their strength, show their talents and exchange experience with rivals and colleagues.

In the future, the Computools will continue to support such initiatives and growth IT culture in our region. The ability to use the opportunity is a useful skill, the creation of opportunities is a promising investment in the future.

Computools is a full-service software company that designs solutions to help companies meet the needs of tomorrow. Our clients represent a wide range of industries, including retail, finance, healthcare, consumer service and more.

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