Daria Savchenko

Chief Recruitment Officer

Darya Savchenko


“The company's greatest value is its people. Bringing in new talent is a big responsibility since it's about creating the best match for the company and its current employees. My job is to provide the company with professionals who are passionate about what they do.”

Ms. Savchenko holds a degree in Sociology. Before Computools, she held several administrative positions in the public sector. In striving for new opportunities and challenges, she joined Computools in 2019 as a recruiter. 


With rapid team and company growth, she was promoted to the Head of Recruitment position in 2020. Her responsibilities revolved around team management, recruiter coordination, and bringing new initiatives to improve the recruiting processes.


She was in the foreground of forming Computools’s employment brand, corporate reputation, and how the company is perceived in the market. 


Since 2021, Ms. Savchenko has been the Chief Recruitment Officer. She continues to hone the company’s recruiting and branding processes. 


She works closely with the marketing department on creating employer branding and working with external organizations to support volunteering efforts. 


As Computools was expanding and opened a new office in Poland, it was decided to create a Polish career site.


In 2021 Ms. Savchenko started working on the creation of Computools’s Ukrainian and Polish career websites. She delegated and oversaw content creation, working in conjunction with marketers, designers, and developers.


That enables Computools to expand access to core specialists in new regions and streamline hiring processes. 


Her contribution to the company’s growth and employee satisfaction is significant.