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How Computools Developed an Educational Web Platform That Went Big In Norway

Computools took part in the development of a unique educational solution for educational organizations across Norway.

Oct 13, 2022

In the wake of pandemic and heavy digitalization of business processes across the globe, many businesses, startups, and enterprises have started looking towards new solutions for simplifying our lives be it education, work, communication, entertainment, etc. 

A Norwegian digital agency used in-depth market research and business analysis to uncover a major need for digital education in Norway. Considering the scarcity of related solutions on the market, as well as promising potential, the agency made the decision to collaborate with Computools help to create an MVP. This included everything from design, features, testing, and functionality to technology stack and the development approach.

What seemed like an easy concept, turned out to be a tricky project with many challenging obstacles. Over the course of one year, fourteen team members, including team leads, designers, project managers, and designers worked together to bring the project to a successful close.

Working hand in hand with the client`s representatives, Computools`s experts took control of the development process: front-end, back-end, design, and testing. 

Because of the lack of competitors in the region, the product had to be developed from scratch, which required vigorous efforts from designers and business analysts in the initial phase. 

Great attention had to be paid to the platform’s intended users. Students, teachers, school staff, system editors, and administrators needed different accesses to different pages, which required a dedicated dashboard with unique functionality, well-thought-out design; back and front end. 

Billing for client accounts, detailed user analytics, and other important functionality also required great attention, bug testing, and coordination between different teams. A new custom solution was also required to store the user database. 

With thorough instructions from the client, similar experience with related projects, great coordination, and time management, the Computools team managed to find a viable solution of maximum efficiency.

Today, it’s called Teacher`s Dashboard. It’s a platform where teachers can create and share teaching materials with other teachers across Norway, using engaging and inspirational teaching content.

The content being shared can be revised and improved by teachers from any city in the country for building their curriculum. In addition, to keep content updated and at the highest level, teachers can leave feedback to other teachers creating a system of accountability and trust. 

Business-wise, Teacher`s Dashboard has gained good traction with users and is now being used by a wide array of public schools across Norway. 

You can see more stats and information here.

In case you have a similar idea and want to implement it, feel free to drop us a message at and our specialists will get back to you promptly.  

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