Computools Establishes a Company Representative in Nagoya, Japan

Computools has been active in the Japanese market for years. The company now has a representative to promote digital transformation in Nagoya, allowing it to be closer to its clients and partners.

Sep 07, 2022

Computools is pleased to announce the expansion of its reach. The company has placed a full-time representative in Nagoya, Japan. For years Computools has worked with Japanese organizations, developing solutions for companies like Epson

As a representative of Computools in Nagoya, our expert, Andrii Korniychuk, was appointed. The main focus of his activity is the digitalization of business, adapted to the Asian market. His main goals are to help establish partnerships and mutually beneficial cooperation and to build bridges for business and technology development. Japan’s economy is robust because of its business support and complex economic policy. Andrii is an expert in digital development and business etiquette. Thanks to this, he successfully integrates innovative tendencies with the traditional attitude to the business of Japanese partners.

Computools has been in the industry since 2013. During that time, it developed expertise in sectors such as Retail, Finance, Healthcare, Consumer Services, and the Energy Industry.

Computools consultants and engineers provide high-quality work through professional and clear communication. Face-to-face and video and audio meetings with partners ensure an efficient workflow. Adding a representative in Japan will allow the company to be even closer to its Japanese clients and partners.

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