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Finance Industry



Finance Industry


Banks expect more growth in the usage of mobile applications than any other financial sector.
Mobile banking
Mobile banking

The act of sending, receiving, or managing money using a mobile phone.

applications are considered to have a higher level of security due to their reliance on a set of parameters such as device

A number, usually unique, to identify 3GPP and iDEN mobile phones, as well as some satellite phones.

, application ID version, phone number and pin security that prevents potential fraud. Among other significant pros for mobile banking are secure entry using fingerprint or voice recognition, 24-hour access to account balances and other features including fraud alerts.

Computools’ specialists have experience in developing solutions for mobile banking that allows us to create diverse microservices for controlling the client’s bank account

A business deal or action, such as buying or selling something.

, parental control and remote confirmation of payment by embedding an integration system with an API of different payment systems such as Visa, etc. We can develop solutions for mobile banking that allow us to create diverse microservices for control of the client’s bank account transactions, parental control; remote confirmation of payment, the example of which you can see in the case of Caribbean bank.


Caribbean bank Case Study

Caribbean bank online banking platform ensures customer satisfying experience and makes the bank the first choice of financial services provider in the region. The platform provides users with ultimate transaction control, security hold, and parental control options; it has a transaction validation when the account holder is abroad; and additional service that allows users to create, preview, edit, and delete transactions in the accounts within the FCIB network. We have a strict focus on each industry which enables us to build products for different sectors. Hit us up to learn more.

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Finance Industry


The fast growth of advanced insurance technologies creates new opportunities for insurance companies to increase revenue. The use of digital technologies drives key trends such as data capture, blockchain, robotics and AI as well as remote access used to improve risk and loss assessments.

Computools’ specialists will help you to achieve your primary business goals by choosing the right solution based on the needs of your business. Through all steps of development, from consulting to optimization, we implement not only a necessary easy-to-use and intuitively functional solution, but also successfully embed it into the existing business model.

The productive experience earned while developing an integration system with Lemonade and Gabi API, which you can see in the Keller Covered case, proves it.


Keller Covered Case Study

Keller Covered is a convenient and intuitive service for getting insurance quotes for real estate based on a detailed questionnaire. The user, usual a home owner will enter the necessary details about the house, apartment or land and receive a list of quotes which they can then look over and purchase. We have a strict focus on each industry which enables us to build products for different sectors. Hit us up to learn more.

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Finance Industry

Specialized Finance

Aside from strictly classified products, the Specialized finance branch is more diverse and can be used by more than just professional finance experts. It includes a wide range of commercially-oriented products connected to finance. Each of them provides a service and is dedicated to working within the limits of one field.

After identifying the main feature of the application that must be developed, Computools’ specialists can help start the development of a product by going through all stages, beginning with consulting and finishing with optimization.

Computools’ specialists can create personal finance management applications whose main features are accounting and individual analytics.

The solution to this application can be found in the case of Finmap Online.


Finmap Online Case Study is a platform that provides B2B customers with an online service for managing company finances. A few tools are; Automated Reports, Sync, Debt Control, Calendar, Scheduled Transactions, API Integration, Custom Algorithm, Multi-currency, Individual Analytics. In addition to its app, is web-based allowing customers to manage finances easier and collaborate more effectively as a team, e.g., sharing access to make reports. Feel free to contact us in case you want to build a product or simply seek a consultation.

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Finance Industry

Multi-sector Holdings

Besides the products that operate in a precise limited field, Multi-Sector Holdings crosses several sectors. It includes a variety of services and is not confined to the limits of one specific field. The diversity of today’s products allows companies to spread their work across a wide range of fields.

Computools offers software services that help you get a quality ROI-oriented product. Computools’ experts, design an extensive set of tools that are integrated consistently.

By looking at the CCI Assistant case, you can learn more about our experience in collecting information via Bluetooth, which provides access to key management that helps save time and effort.


CCI Assistant Case Study

CCi Assistant mobile application provides users with an efficient management solution of cash collection, validation and counting through smartphones. It gives a quick overview of the value and denominations within a single CCi unit via Bluetooth. Among its key features are connecting up to 20 individual CCi devices, connecting to one CCi device at any one-time, emailed banking reports, etc. Want to build a product? We can offer a wide range of services starting from consultation and business analysis to design and development.

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Finance Industry

Financial Exchanges & Data

The Financial exchanges & Data branch embraces a range of products providing decision tools while trading operations. Nowadays, most trading is done electronically and the development of products in this branch gives access to data about financial instruments such as securities and commodities, as well as platforms for selling securities to the investing public.

Computools’ experience in Financial exchanges & data helps our specialists to work within this field and creates a marketplace for trade that leads you into the world of digital trading. The knowledge and skills of Computools’ engineers are used for developing applications that deal with regularly updated data and indicators like RSI and MacD. See examples of such solutions in the following cases: SynergyFX, Ken Charts.



Synergy FX’s customer-focused platform provides users with four key advantages; true ECN pricing, transparency, instant order fills, and anonymity. Almost all operations are executed automatically. This ensures well-timed and reliable trading for users. The website has a convenient UX/UI design for direct sales that’s highly attractive for users and investors. We have a strict focus on each industry which enables us to build products for different sectors. Hit us up to learn more.

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KenCharts Case Study

KenCharts is an innovative tool for fund management. The application allows users to track the prices of shares at different market stocks and is available on iOS and Android. After UI improvements and corrections to Price indicators and their logic, the app became more efficient. We have a strict focus on each industry which enables us to build products for different sectors. Hit us up to learn more.

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Finance Industry

Investment Banking & Brokerage

Investment banking & brokerage covers a range of financial products. Common usage of these products attracts more and more people, making them more interested in the flow of finance and thus financially-educated. Digital platforms embrace both traditional and modern networks, giving way to opportunities not only for professionals, but for novice traders as well. Today’s usage of digital platforms as a way to conduct financial operations is driving progress.

Computools’ knowledge in Investment Banking & Brokerage allows Computools’ experts to create social trading and crowdlending platforms. We can develop innovative solutions for the implementation of user applications for building strategies for investments in companies, stocks, and assets. What will make your business even more attractive and competitive for your clients? Computools can develop innovative solutions for the implementation of user applications for building strategies. This experience lets us implement API for reading the processed data and distribute external access to them.

This and other solutions can be seen in FDA Operator and Invest Latam.


FDA Operator Case Study

FDA Operator is a web-based application that gives users, usually stock brokers the opportunity to help their clients invest from anywhere in the world. The application gives the broker a wider reach and powerful tools for managing client wealth more efficiently, while giving the investor transparency into the investing process allowing them to better calculate gains and risks. Let us help you in developing robust and business-oriented products that will help you scale up and offer value.

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Invest Latam Case Study

Invest Latam investment web service connects small businesses and investors to make credit and investment agreements via auctions. It allows the client to select a company for investment, using the service and its reliability rating, to negotiate a rate, and to make investments. Feel free to contact us in case you want to build a product or simply seek a consultation.

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