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Financial Software Development

Computools helps key players in the financial industry to digitalize business processes and develop the right set of tools to improve operational efficiency, increase profitability, security, and streamline many other internal and external operations

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Discover what expertise Computools can provide for your Finance Business:

Financial Software Development

Mobile banking

Designs applications for android and iOS. Develop applications for mobile banking, including but not limited to smart auto-payments, tools for monitoring income and expenses, paying for services, working with cards and accounts, validating transactions, as well as other specific functions good applications needs to reach overall goals.

Financial Software Development

CRM Implementation

Build CRM systems that are strictly based on client needs and business goals.

Get a unified system for working with users and consolidate information about current and potential clients from different companies within the holding.

Develop or customize an existing CRM system that provides end-to-end coverage of all transactions, client history, and other features to enable:
  • eDocument workflows;
  • Financial transactions;
  • Business processes;
  • Interactions with third-party entities;
  • Holistic database of companies.

Apart from that, a CRM system helps multi-sector companies to:
  • Make additional sales and optimize work with clients;
  • Formalize business processes taking into account the existing practices in each company, but at the same time creates uniform principles for working with clients;
  • Set up internal processes for the holding company to keep work within one system without losing the historical coherence of transactions and established practices for individual companies.

Financial Software Development

Big Data

Handle the exponential growth of data by incorporating big data solutions.

Get better information about customers and their interactions with the company and collect an array of data from multiple sources: communications with the bank, payment history, and even activity on social networks, forums, and blogs.

This allows businesses to assess the reliabilty of customers when offering them financial products and personalized communication channels.

Financial Software Development

Process automation

Process automation is based on software capable of performing routine tasks, automating different workflows into one simple process, reporting, and drastically reducing the workload for company employees without changing IT infrastructure.

Such a system can read data from tables, compare them, fill out all sorts of forms, send requests and receive data from responses, use email, retrieve or add attachments from/to emails, send and receive automated notifications, and much more.

Financial Software Development

Banking as a platform

Banking as a platform allows banks to implement a mixed set of products and services for users on a single platform by integrating custom-developed products or services from third-party vendors. This makes it easier to reach new customers and extend product functionality.

Apart from that, Computools offers development services of a complete banking system solution with core functionalities revolving around marketing, data automation and handling, payments, customer management, and other crucial features.

Financial Software Development

BI tools

Automate claims processing, data transfer between systems, risk assessment, underwriting, information gathering, and other manual tasks. Look at data from different angles and make proactive decisions that will be the basis for further financial success.

By carefully studying the processes of different departments, Computools develops specific technical requirements for BI tools integration without disturbing established processes.

This will improve data accuracy, decrease manual input errors, optimize analysis processes, make it easier to track performance, and improve communication between departments.

Financial Software Development

Software integrations

Computools links systems with third-party applications, enabling companies to expand capabilities and reduce costs and development time.

The range of integratable services can include but isn’t limited to lead tracking, UX with the ability to track user behavior, security and backup systems, support systems, content recognition tools, data collection, and custom solutions.

Financial Software Development

System modernization

Costly and outdated systems are the main barrier preventing insurers from building effective business processes. Get rid of systems that are no longer up to date and slow down current workflows.

Computools updates old systems and modernizes them using scalable technologies, or transfers offline and desktop solutions to modern web solutions.

This speeds up data processing and improves internal workflows, allowing companies to expand services and keep up with the technological pace.

Financial Software Development


Blockchain is already being used for storing and processing personal data, transaction processing, process automation, data validation and verification, encryption and security, and making payments between different financial institutions. Our experts can provide consulting and implementation of all these and many other functions.

Financial Software Development

Cloud Services

To offer more secure and personalized services, it’s important for companies today to implement cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, Big Data, etc.

However, some of these technologies may be too expensive or difficult to implement in a company's current IT infrastructure. Therefore companies use the cloud to save costs and ensure flexible, secure, and easily scalable IT infrastructure.

This enables them to:
  • Increase security and reliability;
  • Get quick access to necessary services without a need to deploy and configure existing information systems’
  • Reduce efforts of maintaining and constantly updating systems;
  • Use high computing power from cloud providers, which can be used to store, analyze and process data;
  • Leverage competitive services and technologies from technology giants like Google, Amazon, etc.

Financial Software Development

Trading platforms

Computools houses a dedicated fintech team of engineers, designers, and analysts who can develop highly-personalized, secure, and competitive trading platforms for web, desktop, and mobile.

Develop a platform that includes a variety of analytics tools for tracking trades, patterns, and strategies; personal trader statistics; user-friendly interfaces based on market and user research, trading bots, AI chatbots, gamification, forums with expert opinions, and current economic news; and other functionality to tailor needs.

Apart from developing the established functionality and basic architectural requirements, focus on opportunities that make growth faster.

Financial Software Development

financial services gamification

Companies in the financial sector face high competition and the need to bring more value to their products. Computools can develop and implement gamification services.

We offer numerous gamification features for trading operations that can educate potential users and help them cope with obstacles in long-term financial operations.

The range of games that can be integrated includes but are not limited to:
    Virtual advisors to help customers with typical financial decisions;
  • Achievements to benefit motivation and performance;
  • Discount gamification initiatives with other companies;
  • Badges to recognize user achievements;
  • Finance management games;
  • Cashback and rewards.

Financial Software Development

API integration

Computools uses API integration with other trading and finance platforms to give you access to third-party trading algorithms on your platform. This automates trading strategy and tracks balances on different crypto exchanges.

Receive up-to-date information about digital assets from crypto exchanges, and simply customize the platform with new features.

Financial Software Development

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Computools has dedicated engineers and business analysts specialized in FinTech product development.

We can develop or customize an existing CRM system that provides end-to-end coverage of all transactions, client history, and other features that will enable you to:
  • Manage eDocument workflows;
  • Monitor financial transactions;
  • Automate customer management processes;
  • Automate business processes;
  • Manage interaction with third-party entities;
  • Integrate services;
  • Create a single database of companies/startups and automate interaction with them.

Financial Software Development

Cloud Transformation Strategy

For companies that undergo high costs, lack scalability, flexibility, and speed of customization, Computools offers cloud solutions and services.

Apart from consultations on how to find and set up a suitable cloud-based platform, Computools`s team can help you integrate applications, APIs, and legacy systems.

Our approach and long-standing expertise in cloud development and consultation allow investment banking firms to reduce the budget spent on IT and achieve agility by moving most of their services to the cloud.

That can include services like applications, email, document management, business process management systems, as well as virtual servers, and data warehouses.

We can also integrate other third-party cloud services from such providers as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc.

Financial Software Development

Analytics tools

To help investment banking firms and brokers make the right investment decisions and analyze the necessary amount of data, we offer development services for AI-based analytical tools tailored to your goals and needs.

AI tools enable the collection of structured and unstructured information from external and internal sources in real-time and can even provide investment recommendations.

Adding these tools to your organization gives you the ability to predict trading patterns, investor behavior and sentiment, provide more accurate data visualization, as well as to:
  • Manage client assets;
  • Develop strategic investment patterns;
  • Evaluate the value of investments based on the statistics;
  • Evaluate the level of risk in investing;
  • Carry out market research;
  • Compile financial reports.

Financial Software Development


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