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These payment models are applicable for both solution and outstaff partnerships.

Time and Material

A Time and Material form of payment is suitable for those clients who are looking at agile development and want to see a detailed picture of work done by developers and the time spent on certain tasks. This payment model makes tracking developer hours with maximum efficiency easy, while creating higher transparency.

With this payment model, clients get the clearest picture of the development process as time spent is calculated for each specialist and updated accordingly.

When a time and material contract is drafted and discussed properly, things like downtime are written out separately to assure clarity for all involved participants.

The client has the ability to add any milestones and make alterations to the project without having to renegotiate other terms.

Fixed budget per month/quarter/year

A fixed form of payment around payment frequency is a convenient option for the clients who are looking for straightforward clarity in the development process with an emphasis on deliverables and the end result.

It’s a more simplified and clear payment procedure and is primarily based on fixed milestones rather than worked hours, and doesn`t include the number of working days or holidays.

  • Milestones may vary from days to months;
  • Holidays and sick leaves are discussed separately;
  • The client can make changes to the project;
  • Computools isn’t responsible for downtime;
  • Small projects usually have a longer time of development.

Fixed budget per sprint

A sprint form of payment is based on predetermined deadlines for a particular type of work.

Usually, a sprint lasts 2-3 weeks, where the client knows beforehand what kind of work will be done and at what time it’ll be done, simplifying budgeting.

Sprints are estimated carefully and the scope of work, risks, deadlines, and budget are included. This makes sure that the project is launched, managed, and finished properly, however, it requires more time at the start for planning.

A contract organized on the sprint method makes it easier to focus on and develop priority user stories and reduce overcharges and rework, while giving clients the ability to adjust the project for the following sprint.

Fixed price

A fixed form of payment around time/budget/scope makes it easy to set the required functionality for a particular product and control the final budget and deadline.

The set product`s functionality depends on the set deadlines.

The parties have freedom in development approaches for the agreed features.

The entire project is evaluated and budgets and deadlines are set. The main scope of work is based on the core functionality of the product rather than its fine-tuning.

Each desired feature is tied to the set budget. If the budget is exceeded, the work can either be moved to a second release or replace less important functionality.

Thus, planning becomes much easier, while the final product is released on time and includes core functionality.

Shared revenue

A shared revenue model of payment is when a client outsources its non-core functions to Computools and we, under the terms of the contract, get a share of the client’s revenue.

Thus, each side is interested in mutual growth and development. This makes it simpler to directly control the number of payments based on work.

Clients that use this model are strong businesses, where each party offers the other a unique value and plays a meaningful role in business development and growth.


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