Computools at WIRED Impact: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions in Tech

Computools is going to WIRED Impact to showcase its expertise in sustainable technology and ESG solutions.

November 21, 2023
UK, London

Computools is thrilled to announce its participation at WIRED Impact, a key event set to unfold on 21 November in London, the United Kingdom. Mykhaylo Hnatyev, Co-Founder of Computools UK, will represent the company. He is going to engage with industry leaders and innovators.

WIRED Impact is a premier European annual event dedicated to the rapidly evolving realms of sustainability and ESG. This conference is a nexus of transformative ideas, cutting-edge technologies, and trends revolutionising business landscapes. Topics range from sustainable finance, circular economy, and climate change mitigation to renewable energy and future cities. The event promises to be a melting pot of thoughts and solutions addressing humanity’s critical challenges.

The presence of Computools at WIRED Impact highlights the company’s commitment to sustainability and technological advancements in these sectors. With a robust track record in developing solutions that drive positive change, Computools is set to contribute significantly to the discourse, offering insights into how technology can accelerate sustainable practices across industries.

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