How to Increase Conversion Rate With an App Redesign

Explore the impact of app redesign on conversion rate: learn how to boost user engagement with actionable tips and best practices.

They say, work for money, design for love. The mobile app development industry is skyrocketing and more and more companies are understanding the importance of quality UX/UI for their apps. You can’t just rely on a box of features and great customer support. Users are looking for a great user experience on top of everything that should already be there. Through app redesign, you can make a major impact on your bottomline. 

When a new visitor lands on your website or application, you have approximately 5 seconds to leave an impression about your product or service. First impressions are crucial, even in the virtual world. 

Continue reading to learn how to increase the conversion rate of your application.

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How to Optimize Mobile App Conversion

1. Use Analytics

The first step towards conversion optimization is adding analytics tracking tools to your mobile app. This approach is essential to determine the number of users performing a specific target action. The most widespread CRO tools include Optimizely, VWO, and Mixpanel. Google Analytics is part of Firebase, the Google developer platform. Integrating it into a mobile app is as easy as adding the Firebase framework to its source code base and tweaking some configuration values. Without any additional configuration, Google Analytics immediately starts collecting valuable data such as:

• How many active users downloaded your app?

• How much time per day do users spend in your app?

• What are user interfaces used most often in your application?

• How often has your application crashed recently?

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2. Streamline Each User’s Step

Next, consider app redesign solutions to simplify a user’s path to conversion and test their effectiveness.

1. Test everything to facilitate conversion rate improvement. This will allow you to streamline your app for a better user experience. This is important if you don’t want your users to remove your app after finding bugs.

2. Make your mobile app’s UX/UI simple since simplicity and minimalism work best. To increase app conversion rate, focus more on the main aspects of the app, including a user-friendly and intuitive interface, a vivid app icon, and a detailed description of what the mobile application offers.

3. Make your call-to-action buttons more visible. Since you need to sell a mobile application and a product at the same time, this is the best option to convert users.

3. Segment and Track App Users

Segmenting gives you more flexibility and insight into your audience. Tracking significant internal user activities in the application allows you to understand your target audience and set up better marketing campaigns.

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How App Redesign Boosts Mobile Conversion

Putting user needs first for conversion rate improvement is of the leading factors that’s turning nos and not-yets into yeses around mobile app redesign. Whenever you refer to custom UX/UI design services, put a user at the center of our work.

1. Improved Usability: During an app redesign process, your app appearance and usability will be enhanced to a greater extent if made in compliance with the latest UI design trends.

2. Appealing Visuals: While design trends are changing every single day, colors and design approaches that were at their peak yesterday may seem outdated today. Nevertheless, if your app targets the younger generation, app redesign will offer you another possibility to make it more appealing and competitive.

3. Personalization: You’ll identify customer objectives and provide the best services by tracking user preferences and determining your target audience. In addition, some modern app solutions enable users to develop custom stickers, choose various themes, as well as remove or add extra tools to the toolbar. So, mobile app redesign is the ultimate solution for tailored service.

4. App Performance Growth: It may feel exhausting for users if your app takes too long to connect and open. App redesign with a modern design approach can streamline the app’s performance and make a great impression on your users.

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The Cost of Poor Design

App redesign makes a significant difference on your bottomline. You’ve read a few tips on how to increase the conversion rate, but there are a few more things to consider according to Forbes. The magazine highlights the necessity of tiny details when developing high-quality apps. There’s no all-purpose formula for creating the perfect interface, but these tips will help you deliver better designs:

Consistency in UI Elements: A consistent-looking app design plays a pivotal role in establishing trust with your users, and it’ll help your users learn their way around your app much faster.

Primary and Secondary Button Distinction: Since app navigation happens through clicking, you have to make it comfortable for the user to identify the appropriate button for the desired result.

Proper Text Hierarchy: Content is the key unit, so it must be readable and well-organized. Properly formatted text increases the users’ perception of information.

Good Iconography: Icons are essential to modern interfaces, especially on mobile.

A lot of success in technology these days comes down to user experience. With so many apps on the market today, there are no reasons for users to put up with bad experiences around customer support or application design.


Slow load times, complex layouts, and heavy forms are only a few examples of design elements that knock down conversion rates. Outdated fonts, inappropriate colors, and overall aesthetics can also damage your application’s tendency to convert visitors into users and retain them. 

A lot of success in technology these days comes down to user experience. With so many apps on the market today, there are no reasons for users to put up with bad experiences around customer support or application design. A strong design for your web and mobile app makes a significant difference in how your application performs long-term. 

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