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As a Head of Delivery, you are looking after the portfolio of projects and services and want to make sure you can rely on availability of qualified engineers to fulfill client demand. You want to be able to bridge the gap in skills availability before it starts impacting current projects or affects your ability to take on new work.
As a Chief Technology Officer, you want to be able to scale the expertise of your agency at a short notice when it comes to signing a new client or building an MVP or a demo that will lead to a long-term cooperation with a potential client.
As a Head of Talent, you want to be able to meet the talent requirements of the business by working with reliable long-term partners. You would like to engage with the partners capable of building good working relationships with your in-house talent, strengthening your delivery capabilities.


Emerging technologies will be crucial for building the future success of your business. The fast paced innovation environment requires the companies to develop talent and retain the best performers. However, even the agencies with the best working culture and ideal conditions for the employees may struggle with retention and rapid hiring: the “bench” is not the best place to be for the ambitious and talented engineers if they find themselves in-between the projects. Furthermore, the ever-changing innovation landscape brings new skills into the spotlight, elevating demand for new and emerging technologies.


The Gartner Emerging Tech Impact Radar highlights 30 technologies with the potential to disrupt established industries. While the technologies offer exciting possibilities, and a lucrative business opportunity for your agency, they require specialized talent.
How can you capitalize on the demand for the services and solutions that require proficiency with the emerging technologies? The answer is likely to be in building strategic partnerships and targeted talent acquisition, allowing you to access specialist expertise without the effort of hiring, nurturing, motivating or releasing to the bench when the project assignment is complete.

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Risks and solutions when engaging with external technology partners

When considering partnering with a technology service provider you might find it useful to review the common risks and ways of mitigating them. These insights are all based on the experience of our colleagues.
    Unrealistic expectations:
    Unforeseen limitations or delays can arise due to ambiguous expectations regarding resource availability, project timelines, dependencies, or external factors

    Solution: Define specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals for the partnership, including project scope, deliverables, timelines, and dependencies. Utilize data-driven insights to inform expectation setting, such as historical performance data, industry benchmarks, or resource estimates. Maintain open communication channels and conduct regular progress reviews.
    Misaligned goals:
    Your partner may not fully grasp your company's aspirations, leading to solutions that don't align with your business goals or desired impact.

    Solution: Communicate your vision, mission, and strategic objectives to the partner. Ensure the partner's team demonstrates a strong understanding of your priorities and desired outcomes through joint goal setting and regular progress reviews. Establish clear success metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the partnership's effectiveness in achieving desired outcomes.
    Limited strategic alignment:
    Lack of long-term vision or alignment on strategic priorities can hinder the partnership bond in the long term.

    Solution: Foster a collaborative environment through joint workshops, quarterly planning sessions, and annual strategic reviews. Encourage the exchange of strategic insights and perspectives, promoting mutual understanding and building a shared vision for the future.
    Insufficient feedback:
    Inadequate feedback and a lack of healthy challenge can restrict the partner's performance and limit opportunities for continual improvement.

    Solution: Establish a clear and constructive feedback loop, providing regular and specific feedback on team, individual, and overall partnership performance. Collaboratively define clear expectations for performance excellence and always seek to push boundaries and achieve optimal results.
    Untapped partner expertise:
    If you don't leverage your partner's unique experience and knowledge, you can miss out on fully benefiting from the partnership's potential value.

    Solution: Actively engage with the partner to tap into their experience-based insights and perspectives. Encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration to enrich your internal understanding and capabilities. Explore opportunities to co-create solutions, drawing on the complementary strengths of both parties.
    Difficulty securing buy-in:
    When you lack clear and compelling communication, it can hinder stakeholder buy-in for the partnership and its initiatives.

    Solution: Develop compelling visuals and narratives that effectively communicate the potential value and impact of the partnership to stakeholders. Tailor presentations and communications to resonate with the different needs and perspectives of diverse stakeholders. Secure buy-in through active engagement, participation in decision-making processes, and addressing concerns transparently.
    Ignoring relationship building:
    If you don't invest enough in developing relationships, you risk creating an impersonal partnership that hinders long-term success.

    Solution: Foster open communication, shared experiences, and relationship building. Organize joint workshops, discovery/design sessions (online and in-person), and team-building activities to cultivate trust, collaboration, and mutual respect. Integrate informal elements into business meetings and trips to strengthen personal connections and foster a collaborative spirit.


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