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More than 80% of fintech companies are focused on improving their digital experience and IT infrastructure.

API integration

API integration allows you to integrate various external services into your existing platform. This provides opportunities for standardization and integration of processes that may include: lead tracking, UX with the ability to track user behavior, security and backup systems, support systems, content recognition tools, data collection, and custom solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

The range of technologies related to artificial intelligence is constantly growing. Many banks and financial service providers are already using them. Techniques such as machine learning and deep learning could revolutionize financial data analysis.

Meanwhile, financial organizations are feeding their scoring models with information from social media, payments, search history, and other data about customer behavior, and they are getting relevant results through artificial intelligence analyses. This allows financial institutions to offer personalized offers, targeted cross-selling campaigns, and improve customer service.


Blockchain is the latest technology and is growing with the popularity of cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain is already being used for storing and processing personal data, transaction processing, process automation, data validation and verification, encryption and security, and making payments between different financial institutions. Our experts can provide consulting and implementation of all these and many other functions for your product.

Cloud Services

Players in specialized finance like central banks, commercial financing companies, insurers, factoring services, specialty boutiques, and trade institutions already rely to a greater or lesser extent on the cloud for flexibility and scalability.

Consumers are already favoring payment systems that can be used on phones and have an integration with Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc. This is simply not possible without the cloud. In addition, the added security benefits of using the cloud are enough to gain regulatory approval, making it a winning solution for compliance teams around the world.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things will change a number of commercial activities by allowing machines to exchange data with each other without human intervention. In financial services, it could have a decisive impact on a wide range of areas, such as ATM services or easier access to services for customers.

There’s no reason for banks to invest in developing their platform to manage IoT applications. Secure and reliable solutions already exist and allow financial service providers to manage thousands of devices in branches, offices, and service points from a central location. And that’s just one example. The right platform can be used with different types of networks and protocols and offers many security and management features.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that uses software robots to automate repetitive tasks.

Financial task automation is a game changer because it empowers software robots to perform tasks faster, cheaper, and at a higher quality than humans.

We can help different financial companies automate their processes by creating data visualization systems, systems for semi-automated trading on different exchanges, financial management systems, custom analytics, services with automatic reports, etc.





The solutions we create for specialized-finance companies lead to the optimization of business processes:

Enhance the functionality of your product

Automate internal processes

Implement effective finance management

Identify financial weaknesses

Gain more customers

Create more personalized offers

Make better investments based on real-time data

Update core systems with APIs

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Commercial financing companies

Central banks

Leasing institutions

Factoring services

Loan providers

Credit card companies

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