Top 5 Ways Machine Learning is Transforming HR Industry

Find out how to enhance your HR department with Machine Learning solutions and benefit from it.

Technology is gradually penetrating into all spheres of life, business and management. In ordinary life, technologies simplify and take on many routine processes, but in business, their value is much greater. The competitive advantage gained through the timely implementation of a technological solution can determine the success of a company for several years to come.

However, the main potential of the company lies in its employees. The human resources department has been undergoing constant changes in recent years, transforming itself into a completely new mechanism. Naturally, for the successful completion of tasks, the managers and employees of this department need their own tools. Enhanced with AI (and ML as part of it), solutions for human resources allow to manage personnel, plan future success and development of each employee, and much more.

How to Apply Machine Learning in HR To Get the Most of It?

Due to its features, artificial intelligence can offer a lot to human resources. AI can duplicate some of the human abilities, like problem-solving, planning, learning, reasoning, knowledge representation, perception. Mixing AI (ML in particular) with the administrative functions of personnel management will benefit and improve the experience of employees, which will allow saving time, increasing the budget, and getting more accurate information for people management. So, ML human resources solutions can provide a company with a great competitive advantage, let’s consider some examples.

1. Candidate Shortlisting
One of the most challenging tasks for human resource managers is to select candidates from a huge talent pool who would best meet the requirements of the company. Often a lot of time is spent on conducting the first cycle of interviews to assess the capabilities of a potential candidate.

Now this work can be done by an AI-based chatbot, which will accept a resume, “ask” the necessary qualification questions and analyze the answers, allowing the manager to make a decision regarding the second stage of the interview.

Moreover, the use of machine learning in HR can make it possible to determine how much the candidate is interested in the proposed vacancy. This can be used to analyze video interviews. ML processes the recording and analyzes the candidate’s behavior based on certain criteria, for example, voice tone, facial expressions and gestures. This allows it to determine the mood of the candidate, the degree of his frankness and openness, enthusiasm and motivation for subsequent cooperation.

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2. Additional In-Depth Analysis
New times require new solutions. In addition to analyzing the professional qualities of a potential candidate, it is necessary to take into account his personal characteristics. ML human resources algorithms allow to analyze the candidate’s social network accounts to identify his interests, hobbies and activity, to determine communication skills and characteristics of interaction with other people.
This helps to understand whether the candidate will fit into the team organically or will feel discomfort from being in the new community.

3. Automated Onboarding
Finding and hiring the right employee is just the tip of the iceberg. Managers perform much more work in the future. In many respects, the success of cooperation with a new employee depends on his first week or month in the company. To make this process as simple and comfortable as possible, as a rule, managers devote a lot of time to a new employee.

But this role can be fulfilled by the ML human resources chatbot, which will provide guidance for the employee through company policies, setting up technology, and answer common questions. Round-the-clock remote assistance saves managers’ time and allows the employee to get used to the new rules and find out the necessary information without additional involvement of the human resources department.

4. Personalized Training, Reward and Recognition
Recently, many concerns have been associated with the entry of new generations into the workforce. The rapid shift in the values ​​of young people requires more engaging solutions from human resources to keep the employee and his motivation.

Analytical algorithms of machine learning in HR allow to determine the individual needs of an employee, his potential and interest. This helps managers select training programs, make forecasts and predict employee behavior patterns. Besides, the use of machine learning tools helps identify relevant ways to provide an employee with rewards and recognition that would fully satisfy his needs.

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5. Feedback Analysis
Many companies conduct annual employee surveys to get feedback on internal processes, work of departments, and communications. This is necessary to implement appropriate improvements and development of the people management. Analysis of the collected data may take days, and sometimes weeks. The issue can be solved by using machine learning in HR.

Thanks to technology, the analysis is carried out fast and impartially, only on the basis of the predefined categories and criteria. This allows to conduct such surveys several times a year and make all changes in a timely and quick manner, which significantly improves employee satisfaction, the general mood and atmosphere, increasing productivity.

The use of machine learning methods improves the work of the human resources department, helping its growth, development and transformation. However, the main benefits of the technology application are received by the company and its employees. Using ML human resources solutions, the company becomes more flexible and faster able to respond to dynamic changes in the labor market, it is able to quickly find and hire the most qualified specialists from the talent pool. Moreover, machine learning algorithms help managers provide employees with comfortable working conditions, maintain their efficiency, productivity and motivation. ML is extremely helpful at processing, measuring and understanding of employee engagement. Such valuable information can become priceless in decreasing staff turnover rates.

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