Long-term partnership

Step Action Description
Value сreation and commitment Identify value proposition Clearly define the value your partnership will create for both parties. Consider how it benefits your company, employees, customers, and your partner's business as well.
Secure executive backing Secure buy-in from C-suite executives to ensure long-term commitment and resource allocation for the partnership's success.
Planning and management Set goals and metrics Establish clear objectives, a vision for achieving them, a process for collaboration, and KPIs to measure progress and partnership effectiveness.
Dedicated partnership manager Assign a skilled manager with business expertise, interpersonal skills, and the ability to foster open communication and navigate challenges.
Schedule regular check-ins Maintain consistent communication with your partner. The frequency of check-ins depends on the partnership's size and impact on your business. We would recommend at least quarterly, and at the very beginning of the partnership, at least monthly, to ensure the alignment.
Long-term vision Revisit and reassess Periodically revisit the partnership's goals and reasons for existence. Evaluate market changes, performance, and the effectiveness of collaboration.
Embrace flexibility Be prepared to adapt the partnership as needed. This could involve adjusting goals, strategies, or even the partnership structure itself in response to market shifts or unforeseen challenges.
Long-term vision Focus on building trust and establishing a long-term vision for the partnership. Prioritize establishing complementary capabilities and alignment for mutual benefit over short-term financial gains.
Additional considerations Partner selection Choose partners with a shared target audience and complementary strengths to maximize value creation.
Investment in relationships Invest time and resources in building strong relationships with your partners. This fosters trust, transparency, and a foundation for long-term collaboration. Develop informal relationships, they help to maintain genuine personal contact.
Partnership program integration Integrate strategic partnerships into your overall customer development strategy to enhance your reach and brand recognition.
Partner management tools Utilize common tools for evaluating operational and strategic metrics, and make sure these tools are available to all parties.

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Whether we’re designing customer experiences, dealing with our clients or managing our teams, we lead with empathy. Technology is for everyone, not just the geeks. That’s why we focus on using clear, intelligible language, treating every stakeholder with respect and providing support at all stages of development. By starting with a shared understanding of what makes us all human, we’re able to create the favorable conditions necessary to develop our best-in-class solutions.

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