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Computools helps insurers to upscale their technological infrastructure and implement new solutions that can quickly bring tangible results and prepare for the scalability of your organization’s insurance services

93% of insurance companies today use AI and cloud technologies to streamline their marketing and accounting processes, enabling them to offer the right products at the right time to the right customers.


Automating everyday processes with BI tools

Automate claims processing, data transfer between systems, risk assessment, underwriting, information gathering, and other manual tasks with RPA (Robotic Processes Automation). These technologies help insurers look at data from different angles and make proactive decisions that will be the basis for further financial success.

We can help you integrate RPA solutions into your existing IT infrastructure or system and guarantee a high level of data security and easy scalability.


Software integrations

Achieve flexibility and scalability using third-party functionality to help you optimize multiple business processes in a single platform.

Some of these may include payment integrations, security management, marketing tools, accounting, and reporting, claims handling, reinsurance management, API integrations, computer vision, etc.


Keller Covered Case Study

Keller Covered is a convenient and intuitive service for getting insurance quotes for real estate based on a detailed questionnaire. The user, usual a home owner will enter the necessary details about the house, apartment or land and receive a list of quotes which they can then look over and purchase. Feel free to contact us in case you want to build a product or simply seek a consultation.

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Cloud solutions

Handle large amounts of data and ensure instant access to data from any type of device. This allows your organization to reduce expenses on operational interaction with partners and, on the other hand, obtain useful information for making business decisions, thus significantly increasing the speed and quality of customer service.


Analytical tools

Integrate customized offers into your services by tracking your customers’ behavior.

AI algorithms will help you to personalize offerings based on information from the Internet, geolocation, actions on social media, etc.


System modernization

Costly and outdated systems are the main barrier preventing insurers from building effective business processes. Get rid of systems that are no longer up to date and slow down your current workflows.

Using the latest technology, we develop customized solutions that not only speed up data processing but also improve your internal workflows allowing you to expand your services.


Internet of Things (IoT)

Take advantage of IoT technology to get real-time information and statistics about your customers.

This technology allows insurers to monitor driving behavior on the road and encourage safe driving, prevent risks, collect fitness data and offer various bonuses, benefits, and discounts for maintaining healthy habits.

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Multi-line insurance companies

Digital brokers

IoT and Big Data players


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