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Internet & Direct Marketing Retail

Implement it technologies and facilitate digital processes to outrun the competition, improve cost and time efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction

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Internet and direct marketing сompanies that implement omnichannel solutions get at least 10% more in their ROI.

Internet & Direct Marketing Retail

Ecommerce web development

Computools will develop a website designed for eCommerce. It’s one of today’s best ways to sell online products and services.

A few examples are custom marketplaces, online stores, platforms for selling services, subscription boxes, there are different kinds of comparison engines for shopping, and direct/internet marketing technologies (eCoupons, email marketing, mobile marketing, targeted advertising, analytics, social media as well as other tools for online customer acquisition).

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Computools's Marketplace Accelerator

Computools developed Marketplace Solutions Kit - a custom built app and special template for a platform where a customer can compare and purchase goods and/or services from numerous suppliers online. The kit consists of the core, a set of ready-made plug-ins (PayPal, Stripe), and a demo stand to display available functions.

This is a simple, elegant and effective way to avoid many problems associated with creating a marketplace from scratch. Using solutions kits allow you to get a profitable reliable product with all the necessary features. The core benefit of this kit is that it allows you to create a custom system with a superior efficiency compared to average eCommerce solutions.

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Internet & Direct Marketing Retail

Online retail digitalization consulting

Computools will help automate business processes, boost revenue, and get more insightful data for personalized offerings to potential and existing customers.

A great start is a roadmap with strategic objectives and measurable results. Get a digital strategy based on audits, competitor research, and budget-orientated development.


Epson Case Study

The ReadyInk System, developed for Epson, is an independent assistant that can monitor the ink level in specific printers in real-time and automatically notify both users and resellers of the need to refill the cartridges. The system is also able to order necessary cartridges and arrange their delivery to the store or the user’s door. Feel free to contact us in case you want to build a product or simply seek a consultation.

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Internet & Direct Marketing Retail

Mobile apps

Mobile technology is playing an increasingly important role for online retailers. They can help make the shopping experience more personalized.

Retailers see great value in a variety of mobile solutions. The ability to pay with mobile devices, participate in loyalty programs, and use mobile promo codes is attractive. Developing a comprehensive strategy for all of these solutions is a smart move.


AD STUDIO Case Study

AD STUDIO allows sending users marketing campaigns and advertising information during Wi-Fi connection. The app is also able to analyze the users' network to identify the target audience and provide improved customer service and promotional mailings. Want to build a product? We can offer a wide range of services starting from consultation and business analysis to design and development.

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Internet & Direct Marketing Retail

Custom analytical software development

Computools develops software solutions that are tailored. Whether for internal project management, CRM, WSM, or business process digitalization solutions, our experienced development team will provide support from software conception and development through implementation and employee training.


Native Ads Case Study

Native Ads provides advertisers with relevance to the content being viewed or read. It is a marketing platform focused on working with clients from all over the globe. The platform supplies publishers with powerful tools and responsive widgets; has implemented analytical tools for detailed reports and supports Javascript and major blogging CMS platforms. Let us help you in developing similar robust and business-oriented products that will help you scale up and offer value.

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Internet & Direct Marketing Retail

Chat Bots

Chatbots and messengers are an effective way to process customer requests since most online shopping happens through messengers. Messengers function much more effectively than email or a feedback form, so providing an opportunity for customers to message directly is convenient and creates a better digital brand experience.

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Internet & Direct Marketing Retail

Cloud services

Not only do they provide additional computing power, but they also offer a neutral platform on which customers of an eCommerce ecosystem can come together to interact with each other and share important data quickly and securely.

Interconnectivity allows merchants to interact directly and flexibly with payment service providers, smart service providers, platform operators, analytics tools, vendors, and the cloud, and thus forms an important foundation for large eCommerce platforms.


CREELiT Case Study

CREELiT’s online platform allows real estate agents in the United States to automate their marketing activities. The platform's ‘web-to-print’ functionality provides real estate agents with the opportunity to significantly reduce their marketing efforts: an agent chooses a design template directly from the dashboard for anything from a business card to a billboard, and then easily customizes it. Subsequent printing and scheduled door-to-door shipments happen automatically and effortlessly. CREELiT allows real estate agents to focus on their core business activity. Want to build a product? We can offer a wide range of services starting from consultation and business analysis to design and development.

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The solutions we create for Internet & Direct Marketing Retail companies lead to the optimization of business processes:

Workflow automation

Better brand awareness

Customer retention and loyalty programs

Flexible and secure cloud architecture

Buying process automation

Client base retention

Boosted income and more sales

Personalized offers

Better data and tracked results

Marketing automation

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