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Investment Software Development

Streamline your internal investment banking & brokerage processes by implementing leading-edge technologies

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Investment banking firms are the leading adopters of predictive analytics tools, cloud, and AI-based CRM systems.


Customer relationship management (CRM)

Computools has dedicated engineers and business analysts specialized in FinTech product development.

We can develop or customize an existing CRM system that provides end-to-end coverage of all transactions, client history, and other features that will enable you to:
  • Manage eDocument workflows;
  • Monitor financial transactions;
  • Automate customer management processes;
  • Automate business processes;
  • Manage interaction with third-party entities;
  • Integrate services;
  • Create a single database of companies/startups and automate interaction with them.



EasyHR is a flexible CRM system for shift planning, that aims to semi-automate HR routines. It’s an efficient and intuitive tool with an implemented notification and reporting system that fits various industries and businesses, making shift planning more streamlined. Feel free to contact us in case you want to build a product or simply seek a consultation.

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Cloud Transformation Strategy

For companies that undergo high costs, lack scalability, flexibility, and speed of customization, Computools offers cloud solutions and services.

Apart from consultations on how to find and set up a suitable cloud-based platform, Computools`s team can help you integrate applications, APIs, and legacy systems.

Our approach and long-standing expertise in cloud development and consultation allow investment banking firms to reduce the budget spent on IT and achieve agility by moving most of their services to the cloud.

That can include services like applications, email, document management, business process management systems, as well as virtual servers, and data warehouses.

We can also integrate other third-party cloud services from such providers as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc.


Invest Latam CASE STUDY

Invest Latam investment web service connects small businesses and investors to make credit and investment agreements via auctions. It allows the client to select a company for investment, using the service and its reliability rating, to negotiate a rate, and to make investments. Feel free to contact us in case you want to build a product or simply seek a consultation.

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Analytics tools

To help investment banking firms and brokers make the right investment decisions and analyze the necessary amount of data, we offer development services for AI-based analytical tools tailored to your goals and needs.

AI tools enable the collection of structured and unstructured information from external and internal sources in real-time and can even provide investment recommendations.

Adding these tools to your organization gives you the ability to predict trading patterns, investor behavior and sentiment, provide more accurate data visualization, as well as to:
  • Manage client assets;
  • Develop strategic investment patterns;
  • Evaluate the value of investments based on the statistics;
  • Evaluate the level of risk in investing;
  • Carry out market research;
  • Compile financial reports.



FDA Operator is a web-based application that gives users, usually stock brokers the opportunity to help their clients invest from anywhere in the world. The application gives the broker a wider reach and powerful tools for managing client wealth more efficiently, while giving the investor transparency into the investing process allowing them to better calculate gains and risks. We have a strict focus on each industry which enables us to build products for different sectors. Hit us up to learn more.

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The solutions we create for Investment Banking & Brokerage companies lead to the optimization of business processes:

Enhance agility

Reduce costs

Boost customer satisfaction

Achieve the expected ROI

Decrease human error

Simplify and automate reporting

Structure data collection

Who we work with

Computools has an established reputation and a global reach

Investment banking firms

FinTech software companies

Capital markets and other financial institutions

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