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Multi-Sector Holdings Software Development

We help holding companies improve their performance by leveraging cutting-edge technologies that simplify the combination and processing of different information, automate documents and finance management

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95% of executives in the global holding companies see automation technologies as an irreplaceable tool for core business functions.

Multi-Sector Holdings

Workflow Automation & Document Management

We help multi-sector holdings automate their workflow and data management.

Solutions that we develop ensure a unified methodology of accounting and data management for all departments and areas within a holding. They make it easier to control and manage information flows, optimize business processes, and adjust the required solutions to the needs of a particular company with minimum risks.

Multi-Sector Holdings

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Our experience in ERP systems development allows us to deliver solutions that streamline many business processes across different areas: finance, sales, production, logistics, operations, customer relations, reporting, and others.

Start with the most important process and supplement the system with other solutions as the need arises, forming an effective configuration for business continuity.

Multi-Sector Holdings

ERP-based solutions for centralized budgeting

We have been helping multi-sector companies to automate and centralize budgeting processes since 2015.

Our ERP solutions helped many holdings to:
  • Keep full control over cash flows.
  • Obtain up-to-date information on the financial state of the holding as a whole.
  • Plan and execute budgets at various levels of management.
  • Build effective management accounting for a group of companies.

Multi-Sector Holdings

Unified accounting

Our engineers and business analysts have gained hands-on experience in developing IMS solutions that help to streamline accounting for each accounting department.

Our solutions help holdings to:
  • Increase the efficiency of accounting.
  • Build a unified methodology for accounting and data submission for reporting at all levels.
  • Make the business processes for each of the holding’s divisions transparent for marketing, sales, and/or finance.

Multi-Sector Holdings

Supply chain management

Computools offers SCM and SCE solutions that optimize supply chain management at holding and, as a result, lead to customer satisfaction.

Our solutions will help you to:
  • Plan and monitor the implementation of various tasks and improve production management.
  • Improve inventory management by optimizing the planning of warranty stock, current stock, reserves, and taking into account the selected inventory management model for each product category.
  • Reduce the cost of procurement management and improve decision-making on the replenishment of inventory.
  • Visualization of sales data, prices, profits and sales forecasts, production plans, and purchases.
  • Create a clear picture regarding the needs for certain resources within a holding company and its assets. This reduces costs by creating the most rational orders.

Multi-Sector Holdings

Customer relationship management (CRM)

We offer CRM systems that are strictly based on our clients` needs and business goals.

That way you get a unified system for working with clients—it will help you consolidate information about current and potential clients from different companies within the holding.

Apart from that, a CRM system can help multi-sector companies to:
  • Make additional sales and optimize work with clients.
  • Formalize business processes taking into account the existing practices in each company, but at the same time create uniform principles for working with clients.
  • Set up internal processes for the holding company to keep work within one system without losing the historical coherence of transactions and established practices for individual companies.

Multi-sector Holdings



The solutions we create for Multi-sector holdings companies lead to the optimization of business processes:

Consolidate asset management in a timely manner

Increase the speed of managerial decision-making

Get a transparent interaction between departments and minimize routine actions

Increase the holding company’s total capitalization

Achieve uniform methodology and standards across each organization

Reduce administrative costs

Who we work with


Diversified holdings across three or more sectors


Financial companies

Companies from the entertainment sector

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