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Computools offers broad consulting services for robust platform and product development.

01. business analysis

As part of platform & product strategy consulting, Computools offers business analysis services to identify your target audience and build the right product for your target market.

Computools’s business analysts are well-versed across multiple industries, allowing us to thoroughly evaluate any domain and provide detailed requirements for your product.

During the discovery phase, Computools will draw up business and technology development requirements for the product, create user stories and use cases, map out all the potential risks, form a detailed project charter, define the roles and responsibilities of the specialists, and carefully work out UX and high-level architecture.

This will help you understand how to implement new ideas better and improve existing solutions to introduce positive changes to your product.

02. high-level architecture and prototyping

As business analysts have set primary goals and objectives of the project or product, Computools’s architects and UX specialists will start working closely on the technology side. This can include:

  • Selecting basic architectural patterns, tools, and infrastructure;
  • Identifying vertical and horizontal scaling schemes, and physical and logical placing topologies for key modules;
  • Defining critical external integrations;
  • Forming the most optimal application stack;
  • Minimizing system errors;
  • Improving the quality of product requirements, and the product itself;
  • Getting a basic coverage of non-functional and transitive requirements;
  • Creating raw specifications and interactive prototypes to validate the overall concept of the product;
  • Creating customer journey map and studying competitors’ UX.


Build a user-centered Product & Platform strategy for your business and guarantee the following:

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