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Strategically digitalize your services and implement new solutions to increase productivity, reduce costs and achieve more efficient results across different company departments

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where does the challenge lie

Understanding the benefits of new technologies as well as setting measurable goals for their development is paramount for successful digital transformation.

The COO should strategically articulate the integration of digital technologies into the company’s business processes, and attract the right talents with the right skills.

Blindly implementing trending technologies without understanding true value can set the company on the wrong track or make digital transformation fail completely.

This requires digital fluency and a reliable outsourcing partner that will be a pillar and the foundation of your digital transformation initiatives.

digital transformation for coo

When it comes to digital transformation, Computools offers consulting and development services and takes a lead to streamline the adoption of new technologies and support companies through their digital journey.

As part of Computools’s services, we help COOs to cover key responsibilities in supply chain management, product development and management, quality assurance, business analysis, and other processes that can potentially enhance operational efficiency, elevate business performance, and require digitalization.

That includes intelligent automation, data and analytics, the internet of things (IoT), cloud, security, and other core technologies that will help the COO to make decisions based on statistics, better understand customer needs, and personalize or automate services.


How Computools helps



Technical leadership helps companies better manage their tech teams, and departments and streamline digital transformation in general. Computools’s CTO will audit your current infrastructure and its security, team composition and capabilities, available resources and technologies, business goals for a specific project, and the legitimacy of an idea, and organize your digital transformation or product development accordingly.
This gives the COOs more clarity during the development process and helps to reduce the number of risks when it comes to technical decision-making and internal resources allocation.



Computools will add new expertise to your company and pick the right team with the right skills for your project whether it is software development, consulting services, quality assurance, or design.
We will extend the COO’s engineering team with missing roles offering such specialists as architects, DevOps engineers, business analysts, project managers, QA specialists, and other specialists in trending technologies.



Computools helps COOs to improve operational excellence and productivity by offering a wide range of analytics software that automates internal processes, simplifies data collection and budget management, and helps accurately forecast results, personalize services, and drive revenue.



Computools QA specialists along with the CTO will identify your technology issues, provide testing, and set key metrics for improvement. This will potentially save your costs, speed up time to market, increase the product’s security, and minimize risks during the software development life cycle.

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