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VR & AR Software In The Business World

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Virtual & Augmented Reality for Real Estate

Substitute word description of Estate projects with detailed visualization of the ones. Let your prospects see what they can obtain before construction works start. Impress them with cyfral model and design exact project so the client will be sure he is paying you for what he want.

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Virtual & Augmented Reality for Health & Care

Use V&A Reality for ultimate learning and experience improvement purposes. Bring your specialists on new qualification level by precise modeling of operations without threat to people's health and life. Practice operations in virtual mode to succeed in real one.

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Virtual & Augmented Reality for Retail

Provide innovative technology to amaze your customers and turn their shopping into exciting entertainment. Install your outlets with FX mirrors using V&A Reality. Let them fit your cloth-catalogue without need to actually wear it. Or, Use V&A Reality as impressive presentation tool of whatever you sell.

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Virtual & Augmented Reality for Recruitment

Release V&A Reality as universal employees training tool. Implement it as interactive enterprise guideline and library of company business processes. Save the time of your recruitment team allowing them not to spend it on explanation of regular and common issues.

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Virtual & Augmented Reality for Logistics

Lead your warehouse operations on distribution of goods to innovative level. Instead of lingering pick-by-paper approach, use pick-by-vision option with a help of Augmented Reality. Decrease operational costs and its time expenditure.

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Virtual & Augmented Reality for Insurance

Apply V&A Reality in calculating procedures and improve the quality of damage assessment. Save your finance with innovative technology that gives precise estimation results for your business.

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Virtual & Augmented Reality for eCommerce

Ensure your customers get unique and positive experience while use your online store embedded with augmented reality solutions. Make their purchase fun and spectacular. AR helps to see all possible options and modifications for certain product direct at your webpage so the visitor is able to choose what he need.

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Virtual & Augmented Reality for Banking

Optimize your customers experience with AR. Safe their time on personal visits of the bank by offering an option to hold “virtual meeting”. With a help of AR solutions it is possible to avoid necessity of private meetings, so the client is able to get consultation with your support specialist in real-time mode staying at home or wherever.



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